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New Leopard install


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What is required to dual boot vista and leopard.


I have a pre existing install of vista and wish to retain it?


i have burnt 10.5.1 kalaway to a dvd.


So now i need to partition my drive.


so first should i do this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=39253 to partition and flag the hdd


then install osx


but according to articles i have read i found that i would not be able to boot to vista, is this true


thus should i install grub to dual boot first?


can some one direct me as i dont wont to screw up vista -_-


Q6600 core 2 quad

4gb RAM

foxxconn 8800GTS 640mb

GA-P35-DS3L mobo

500 GB HDD

Netgear wg311t


Thanks in Advance

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I haven't tried with vista along with leopard, but I've tried with XP.

To be honest, the best solution is to install leopard on its own harddrive. Then you won't get problems with bootloader to either of the systems. After installing leopard on its own disk you just set up grub and voila (or a other bootloader)

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You don't have to install OSX on a different disk...just prepare the partiotion for OSX with the GpartedLive CD, formatting it as FAT32, flag it as a boot partition and bootstrap from the OSX dvd...go through the install process, including the darwin boot loader in the installation....once you are done, boot gparted again and flag back the windows partition as the boot one..

Reboot in windows, download easybcd (http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1) and create a new entry for a "generic osx86 system"....at next reboot, you'll get into the vista boot loader, you select the leopard entry you just created, you'll be prompted with the darwin bootloader...from there, you select the OSX partition, and you are good!

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