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Kalyway Preinstall Questions


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I'm planning on installing Kalyway 10.5.1 as soon as I get a chance (via guide). But I have a couple questions first.


1. I've read that 2 sata ports do not work on the GA-P35-DS3L after doing some BIOS tweaks for the install. Will these still be functional to boot into Windows if I connect my windows sata drive to one of these 2? or will I be limited to a total of 2 sata drives?


2. What's the best way to setup a dual boot knowing that I have vista already installed on a drive? I'd like to avoid partitions and keep installs on separate drives.


3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using MBR as opposed to GUID? Which should I use?


Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L

Q6600 Quad Core Processor 2.4ghz

GSkill 2 x 2GB

250gig sata (vista install)

500gig sata




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OK here we go.


In ur BIOS, DO NOT enable AHCI. Also ENABLE sata mode to be NATIVE as opposed to legacy. AND all 4 ports will work in Leopard.


Unplug all other drives other than the one with means to install LEopard. Install Leopard (i used KAlyways). Select and format the drive as MBR. In customize Select MBR and both vanilla options only. INSTALL.


After install, plug in all ur drives. Go into BIOS and set your Vista drive as Boot. Go into Vista and download EasyBCD.


In easy BCD add an entry "Mac osx86 Generic PC" And name it whatever u want (Leopard).


Restart and Vista bootloader will give u option between LEopard and Vista.


Also please.. for the sake of organization and what not, do not make ur leopard partition all 500gb of that second drive. make it like 50 gb at the most. Personally all my Operating systems get 30gb at the most. And make a second partition as Data (YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE INSTALL LEOPARD)

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Personally idk the difference between GUID and MBR other than GUID is supposedly faster.. which is ridiculous to me, and With MBR, Leopard isnt friendly to resizing and deleting partitions on the same hardrive that it is installed on. But MBR is much easier to install and dual boot with. Look at my Sig.. My comp is very similiar to yours except ur video card is a bit newer than mine and you probably have a q6600 with g0 steppings.. which means it runs cooler.



IMO Leopard runs without a hitch, faster that vista on this build. It is comparable to XP.. maybe a little smoother. You should be able to oc your q6600 easy to atleast 3ghz.. and if u have g0 steppings u can go to like 3.4 or whatever.

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Well tried booting from the disc and all I get are EBIOS read errors (attached pic). I checked the MD5 checkum on my iso compared to Kalyways post and it checks out. I also updated my BIOS and I get the same errors. I'm using an IDE dvd drive, I read somewhere I might need a SATA dvd drive.




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