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JAS 10.4.8 AMD Intel Post reboot issue


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Hi All of you....


This happens to me with several versions of Tiger :


I always set up install on another IDE HDD to get it working. Before getting to native dual boot on SATA.


It boots to dvd : disk utility : erase to journaled : select patches : installs.

then i never get to see the finish of the install : the user setup.


It always act like my disk is not seen. Disk utility sees it, but not startup disk. even if i boot to dvd straight after the reboot, it says 22000 folders 88000 files but does not boot.


Right now i use Universal AMD Intel 10.4.5 but no sound and no graphic kext loaded (grrr)

startup disk crashes from osx so i do it from dvd and it's ok after. (i made an image with norton ghost not to have to wait for re-install)


Can you explain me how to upgrade kernel 8.4.1 to 8.8.1 (will this show OS X 10.4.10 in About this Mac?)



Config :

AMD Athlon64 3500+ @2.6Ghz Asetek Liquid cooler

MSI RD480 Neo2

ATI X200 Express Chipset

1.5GB DDR400

Realtek ALC880 onboard

ATI X1900GT 256MB pci-e



i love osx86 better than the real one....

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