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    C2D E6550 @2.8Ghz with default fan.<br />P5K-Pro mobo<br />2G RAM DDR2 667MHz<br />X1900GT (0x724b1002) pcie<br />ALC880 7.1 outputs (with good ALCInject and AppleHDA)<br />Leo 10.5.4 (Kalyway 10.5.1 + jasComboUpdate + 10.5.4)<br />------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />AMD64 3500+ @2.6Ghz + Waterchill Pro<br />MSI RD480 Neo2<br />1.5GB DDR400<br />NX8400GS 256Mb pcie<br />Leo 10.5.2 AMD-EFI by Zephyroth
  1. i tried your kext and get a lock up instantly, even with perm fixed. dunno what to do to get it working !!! :S
  2. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    my Facetime is V1.1 build 212 that came with Lion. i don't know which version is normally shipped. i tried another iphone4 today, and my FT said : XXX has to upgrade to newest version of facetime, so could not test. not tried yet, maybe tomorrow. still reading upon how to port it to hackintosh.
  3. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    same since Leo..... :S Facetime is {censored}... tried with real iphone 4. Caller has rings, called none. Tried 4 times only. never worked. maybe because of beta. Mission control : works. launchpad : works
  4. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    I have 11A390 on my macbook air late 08. no airdrop in finder. everything is ok. will try to clone and copy on my P5K-Pro. guess i'll have to find good combo of chameleon + boot file my gfx string for 8400GS works on both leo and snow. hope it still works on 10.7 will tell later
  5. Scrolling for Hackintosh's

    Doing the same and delete extesions.mkext worked on samsung 10" N135 w/10.5.6 and voodoo kernel 9.5 functions now : left click double click + hold = drag will try to get 2 fingers scrolling / right click.
  6. ALC883 Audio

    do you have a working line-in in snow x64 ? can you pass me ur DSDT cause i have the same mobo as you..... thnx

    i guess just a .reg file isn't enough. i think there are 2 files to overwrite... but you have to find them by yourself... :s

    use RUN COMMAND from Crossover icon : locate Regedit.exe in your Bottle then select RUN then simply import .reg file !!!!!
  9. I have no problem with my audigy 10k2 the only thing is : no prefade in VDJ 5.2 else i can swap out with soundsource. Vanilla kernel 9.7 10.5.7 Chameleon EFI
  10. I have 10.5.7 10.5.6 updated. Vanilla Kernel ASUS P5K PRO too. I never had to patch anything. I have all OUT and IN. Just use ALCInject + AppleHDA Ever since 10.5.1 I made it for you : http://files.filefront.com/13940758 ALC883_6_out.zip
  11. Running iDeneb v4 10.5.6 updated to 10.5.7 Vanilla kernel WILL SOMEBODY MAKE A GUI OF THE DSP SETUP ? (like in XP)
  12. Hi.... I was using kX Drivers on win xp. i had to clear the default DSP to have all outputs. I have an audigy 1 (10k2). I got sound now but only front. no others. didn't test line in yet. VirtualDJ sees the card but got no prefade..... any appl plays stereo, no more. all set in MIDI (5.1, 48000hz...) it's a no go. Plz tell me how to activate the other speakers. I have to add, that onboard i got an ALC883 6 Out (ll playing in VDJ) but no 5.1 at all in itunes or other !
  13. UP! I got it working on my intel P4 running 10.5.6 voodoo 9.5.0 but no sound from PCTV card line out!!! iTV 0.4 Intel, scan ok, image : ok
  14. Hauppauge WinTV (BT878)

    i am with a fujitsu siemens P4 HTT 3.06Ghz Mobo : VIA chipset PCI TV CARD : Hercules Smart TV (mono?) OSX 10.5.6 Voodoo 9.5.0 SIS7012 sound Working IDE HARD DISK: Y, full speed. added DEVID in ioatafamily/... .plist Gforce 7300GS : QE/CI : Y / VS crappy XP Tests : Xtelevision : not working.. iTV 0.4 (Intel) : working but no sound. 30FPS Tested liine input SIS7012 : ok Card : any, i get screen nice tuner : philips PAL (any) nice video source : input 1 audio input : tuner (like k!tv) : nothing K!TV XP : full. plus discrambles a secret channel lol! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP !
  15. Marvell 88E8055 Leopard

    works on a Fujitsu lifebook T4210 ! perfectly with your IOPCIMatch ! thnx a lot!