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Problems With ATI 1650 and Jas 10.4.7


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Ok my hardware description is:


- MotherBoard Intel D865PERL (only sound integrated).

- Intel PIV 2.6 Ghz with SS2 only.

- 2 Gb Of Ram DDR 333 Mhz.

- Graphic Card is a PowerColor ATI RADEON 1650 with 512Mb Of Ram (AGP).


I have to change my ATI RADEON 1600 (It Worked very well with OSX until it died ;) ), and i only found an ATI 1650 to buy.


All goes well in the installation until OSX restart to finish the installation ( I choose the 1600/1800/1900 Driver Patch in the hope to recognize the new graphic card).


Then the gray background it turns more to dark gray and show me this message in various languages:




Another note is... that with a ATI 9250 the installation finish Ok, but obviusly many of the programs don't work (That's why i had a ATI 1600), is very limited.


The ATI 1650 works in Windows XP (for play Gears Of War :P ) and Windows Vista Ultimate (for learning/practice purposes) that are installed in different Hard Disks in the same machine, so, the only problem is with OSX86.


So the cuestion is ¿how can i fix this? , ¿i need to download another version of OSX in order to fix it?, ¿ or exist a patch or driver that can help ?


That's all, i hope that you can help me, and i apreciatte your help, and... excuseme for my bad english.

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I've got the same problem as you, after the install, it boots halfway, goes grey and tells you in 5 different languages to restart the computer.


Btw, i've got a PowerColor 1600 Pro 512mb ram.


See if you can boot into save mode (take out the disc, press F8 and type -x). When you do get into save mode, see if you get an error message saying "System Extension cannot be used" and its related to ATINDRV.kext. if it is then its probably the graphics driver screwing the computer up.


There are heaps of solutions on the forum but so far, i've ended up with another error message saying ATIinject.kext cant be loaded.

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