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  1. hello, i'm extremely retro and using a eMac that doesnt have USB 2.0. I brought an iPod touch the other day and well, waited almost half a day for my library to sync 10gb of files. Now i'm wondering, is it possible to sync using firewire for the touch? would one of these work? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/FOR-APPLE-IPOD-USB-...1QQcmdZViewItem (bloody usb1.0...)
  2. Mighty Wtf..

    I like the look of Apple mouses. yes, they are sexy and the whiteness is just gorgeous. Even their previous generations of apple pro mouse (you know, the ones with transparent plastic) blow all other mouse away in term of sexyness. BUT!!! I'm using a microsoft mouse right now purchased in 2001, you know, the optical mouse with only 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. yeah, its still going strong. HOWEVER! I do like apple's Pro Keyboards - the ones that came with the G4 Cube, black keys enclosed in a clear plastic case. that would be my second favorite keyboard after the old ps/2 IBM keyboard that makes a loud clack sound. And to echo someone else's comment about the Mighty mouse looking and feeling like a bar of soap. I thought the same thing when i first used it in a showroom. lol.
  3. hey, thanks for the advice. I didnt buy it in the end. phew! So yeah, my friend is gonna help me source the parts and i'm gonna build it. Thats the easy part. Installing Hackintosh is gonna be the tedious part. Oh, I've been reading about the 3870, there are reports that it overheats, and that PowerPlay doesnt work. Is this still the case? i'm gonna see if i can find that topic again. Anyway, thanks so much for help, you guys saved me from wasting hard earned $$.
  4. oh no, I've got second thoughts. my friend was telling me not to get the G5 cos he thinks i can build a SIGNIFICANTLY faster computer for similar dollars. this is what he suggested, gigabyte EP35-DS3, $135 Intel E8200 2.66ghz, $219 Gigabyte 9600gt graphic, $209 2Gb value DDR 667 Kingston ram, $50 new power supply (coolermaster), approx $50 Western Digital 500gb sata, approx $120 DVD burner + case, approx $70 altogether, between 800 to 900. aud btw. to me it looks a whole lot more attractive than the g5, but then i dont want to go on a pilgrimage/expedition/journey/space travel, just to get Hackintosh to work on it. (and the g5 case is so sexy, lol). by the way, that friend of mine is a bit of an anti-mac. so yeah. i dont know. any suggestions? thanks. james.
  5. Thanks guys. I made a bid of maximum bid of $450 AUD and when I got home after school from Volleyball training, it was sold for $480. Naturally I was very disappointed (if only i left traning just 5 minutes earlier, oh well). Anyway, I found this other one: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...A:IT&ih=020 slightly more expensive and has less RAM but its got a more beefy vid card. so yeah, hope i get that one. once again, thanks for the help guys. James.
  6. Hi, its my first time starting a topic here. so yeah, hi guys. anyway, i need a computer real quick. My celeron which ran hackintosh died when there was a short circuit. So there i was, without a computer for say 5 days to do my work. then a miracle happened and i found a G3 iMac 400mhz dumped on the street. alrite, maybe i'm a bit cheap but i was desparate for a computer. And yes, i'm typing this now on a the G3. After using the machine for like 2 weeks, i'm thoroughly impressed. I mean, it can barely watch youtube videos and such but in photoshop its mind blowing for its age. anyway, as i'm a student i also need powerpoint and excel and progs like that and those are excruciatingly slow on the mac, especially when i've got grapher, firefox and itunes open. so i started searching for macs on Ebay. I found the eMacs which are quite resonable but then i found this: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...A:IT&ih=005 a G5 1.6ghz!!! What do you guys think? should i bid on it? if so how much? keep in mind that i'm in Australia and yeah, its in Australian dollars. Whats more, should i just scrape the buy-a-mac idea and get a PC that supports a mac? Thanks p.s sry if i wrote too much.
  7. Lol, I used to have the "Blue Dalmation". Loved it. Sold it. Whats funny is that my Intel Celeron died and I just happened to find a G3 400Mhz Indigo with 10Gb Hdd, 512mb ram, on the street. Call me cheap, but i was desperate... and still am for a better computer.
  8. ATI X1000 Cards in Leopard

    hi, i tried your method (along with many others) but it just doesnt work. My card is a PowerColor x1600 Pro 512mb AGP. pci-id is 71CD1002. First I install JAS 10.4.8 and tick only the Intel Kexts, everything boots fine after install but just no res change, ci and qe support. Then I follow your guide , reboot and i cant get back to my OS. Safe boot works thank God but thats it. Anyone else got any other ideas? Sunny
  9. USB Flash Drive not working

    Same me, I've got JAS 10.4.8 installed and is trying to get everything working (ethernet, vid, sound) and really need my USB drive as its got all the drivers and stuff. Anyone know how to make this work? I've got a Imation and a Kingston flash drive and both dont work. But in System Profiler, it recognises them both. Really need some help.
  10. can't boot the installation DVD

    neither does my DVD Kalyway boot. It gets to the grey apple screen with the Spinning wheel at the bottom. It never got past that. I've also tried vanilla , -x and -f flags but havent yet got past the screen. My hardware is Celeron D 330 (sse3 supported), Asus P4VP-MX Mobo (via p4m266a) 1gb DDR ram, PowerColor x1600pro 512mb, 40gb Maxtor Hdd and Liton DVD drive. James
  11. Problems With ATI 1650 and Jas 10.4.7

    hey, I've got the same problem as you, after the install, it boots halfway, goes grey and tells you in 5 different languages to restart the computer. Btw, i've got a PowerColor 1600 Pro 512mb ram. See if you can boot into save mode (take out the disc, press F8 and type -x). When you do get into save mode, see if you get an error message saying "System Extension cannot be used" and its related to ATINDRV.kext. if it is then its probably the graphics driver screwing the computer up. There are heaps of solutions on the forum but so far, i've ended up with another error message saying ATIinject.kext cant be loaded.