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Newbie question, just starting...

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hi all,


this is my second post, the one was in the spanish board, i just have a question, can i setup a leopard installation in a shared

disk with ubuntu, using guid partition table and using pc_efi emulation to have an unpatched kernel?, and, can i have dual booting leopard/ubuntu with grub or any other boot manager? does anyone know if ubuntu is able to boot and run from a guid formated harddisk? if that configuration is possible, what is the best leopard distro for the task, Kalyway?, iAtkos? Brazilmac?


i forgot to say my computer is a dell xps 1330 with nvidia card...


any help is apreciated, just a guidelines to focus myself in the right way :)


thanks id advance.



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I am pretty sure you cannot use an HSF+ partition with Ubuntu. You can however partition the drive into two (or however many) partitions, one for Ubuntu and one for OS X. You can then use Grub as a boot loader to choose between the two OS'.


As far as vanilla kernel installation, as long as you are running an Intel C2D (or close to it), you SHOULD be able to utilize the vanilla kernel and PC EFI. There are a few guides in this forum alone on how to use Grub to boot PC EFI.


All the OS X distros you mentioned are excellent, just find one you like and stick with it. I would recommend either Kaly's or the Brazil method, but again it's all a matter of personal preference.

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Performance is obviously very hardware dependent. My hackint0sh runs like a dream in my opinion. I use that and my MacBook to do everything except play games, which is why I use my AMD machine and a KVM switch.


If you're comparing the performance of an SSE2 AMD machine to that of a Mac Pro, then there will most certainly be a large gap in computing ability; however, If you have a dual core Intel-based hackint0sh and you compare that to the performance of say a MacBook or iMac, then yes, they should be fairly close.


Keep in mind that NOTHING can ever take the place of a real Mac.

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