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IT WORKS, but a few problems...


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Anyway, I got everything working, except, as before, once I click on the continue button at the create your account screen, and about 7 seconds later, the hard drive light stops blinking and everything is basically at a stand still, then maybe 30 seconds later, the cursor changes to a rainbow thing.


I've waited 5 minutes, sometimes the hard drive does some stuff for about 10 seconds then stops again.


I think the account is created, I can stop, and look at /Users (in Vista/MacDrive) and my account is there.

So, is there a way I can skip the welcome screen and go straight to my desktop or the login screen?


UPDATE: Still waiting, my second DVD drive just blinked a few times, even though theres nothing in there.

Maybe its setting up everything, but really slowly? I remember a month ago when I somehow got Leopard working it made the account fairly fast.

UPDATE2: Now I think the hard drive just turned itself off...

UPDATE3: 10 minutes...Is there a command in the darwin bootloader I can try?

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