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Installed to USB Hard Drive, stuck on NVDAResman


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Here are the essentials:

AMD 64 X2 4000+ Brisbane

Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe

XFX GeForce 8600GT 256MB

200GB SATA, 500GB SATA, 250GB USB WD Passport Drive


Install image: Leopard-AMD-10.5.1.iso (4,588,544 KB) - Customization options included 8800 drivers, Gutenberg print drivers, X11, and French.


After countless SAM Multimedia errors and coasters, I finally used ImgBurn to burn that ISO file onto a TDK DVD+RW at 2x speed. I popped it into my drive and rebooted. It went through to installation. I successfully installed it on my USB WD Passport drive on a 15GB HFS+ Journaled partition. I removed the DVD and rebooted, pressing F8 to reach my boot menu. I booted off the USB drive.


It gave me a lead time of 25 seconds, and I chose to boot off the partition that I labeled as "Leopard" with -v (I can't find any more options besides -s for singleuser, what else can I do here?). Then the boot-up stops. Here's the gist of what I jotted down (I can provide the exact text if need be)


invalid frame pointer 0





...BSD processor...: kernel_task


I'm a complete n00b at Mac, having become entrenched in using Windows for all of my life...


I am guessing that this is a problem with my graphics drivers. How do I proceed? I think I need to somehow "inject" NVidia graphics drivers into my install? I tried looking up NVinject and whatnot, but I have no idea how to use these things. I've checked out http://osx86.wikidot.com/utilities-resources and I have no idea how to use those files (I downloaded Kext Helper, AzaliaAudio and Zephyroth Universal NVidia installer). Can someone please help me? I've literally spent the last 18 hours trying to load Leopard onto my rig. I'm not asking to have my hand held, but I can't seem to find tutorials or anything of that nature.


Thank you!

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Use "-x" to boot into safe mode. That should get you past the kernel panic caused by Zephy's geforce .kexts.


(edit: If you have the infamous "nvidia nforce networking controller" you probably want to disable it in BIOS before booting into the Initial Setup - that may help with "account creation"...)


Once you're past the Initial Setup (which can be difficult) and into the OSX Desktop, use Finder - goto your install drive / System folder / Library Folder / Extensions Folder. Once there, find all the geforce*.kexts and move them to Trash. Do the same with all the .kexts that start "nv*.kext". Empty the Trash bin. (delete all those files). You'll have to enter your password while doing this stuff. That'll get rid of the problem. Restart and then inject the proper .kexts for your 8600GT. I had excellent results with another nvidia installer with my 8600GT (NOT the Zephy Universal Installer), but I can't remember right now where I found it... (sorry, I'm at work)

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