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b0 error without DVD


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Hey all,


I installed Leopard 10.5.1 off the Kalaway DVD and the install seemed a success, but when I attempt to boot without the dvd in the drive I get a b0 error. With the DVD everything starts up fine and runs without flaw.


My computer is a Dell Latitude D620 (core duo with only 1 core enabled) with the hdd set up as follows:

Single 80gb drive partitioned

disk0s0: Windows XP (will not boot either if set active) [12gb]

disk0s1: Leopard [12gb]

disk0s2: unused


I used terminal from the dvd and set disk0s1 to be active (it has the * next to it) but this did not fix the issue. I was unable to find another case where someone had this same problem. Anyone have an idea why the computer might not boot even though it is being pointed to the correct partition?

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Boot from install DVD.

Go to Utilities>Terminal.


fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

flag 1 <- replace with applicable partition on that disk


(confirm with y)



It'll boot.

Good luck


Thanks, worked for me after partitions merging :D

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