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10.4.9 hangs up at boot, mac logo with icon


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i need some help, i had already sucsessfuly installed osx86 10.4.9 on a PS with XP and Mac using acronis boot loader but i reacently updated my XP to x64 and i had to format the drive where acronis was sitting. since then, Mac wont start.


it boots but it hangs on loading on the apple screen until a strange icon appears (little circle with a slash across).


could you please assist me? i can't boot on verbose either.

i've already restored disk permissions using the DVD boot option but no luck.


i only need to get some info out of the drive and i will re install mac afterwards if that is necessary.


Thank you


my specs are


Pentium D 950

4Gb RAM Kingston


Broadcom 43xx LAN

Intel 955x chipset

MoBo Gigabyte GA 81955x Royal

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