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Inspector - iWork '08 problem.


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Hi all,


First post here- I've searched for my problem, but no on else seems to have my problem. If you could help in any way, it'd be greatly appreciated :angry2:


So here's my background:


2.2Ghz Intel Dual-core processor


Radeon X1550 512MB GPU

320GB Western Digital SATA HDD.


Alrightey. Now, with the specifications out of the way, let me tell you my story.


Firstly, I thought it'd be a good idea to have Mac for presentations and XP for just general gaming and E-mail etc. My native OS is XP, so I was going to dual-boot Mac on a seperate primary partition.


I followed this tutorial (which, by the way- is written for Vista):




It was incredibly helpful, although I did have to tweak a few things to suit XP instead of Vista.


After following the tutorial, I felt- hey. I need Keynote; it's pretty much the only reason I want Mac on my HDD, aside from a few other things.


So I downloaded the trial of Keynote and registered a serial key. Then, when I clicked on Keynote- it came up with a blank screen. I clicked OK, and as I watched my memory usage rush from 0% 2% to constant readings of 98% 97%, I decided to 'Force Quit' Keynote. I searched Google for a while, using these facts:


In console (which I found by chance), it read more than four-thousand lines of:


invalid pixel context

invalid context


... to which my computer was making a big fuss over.


I figured after a lot of searching that my Radeon X1550 didn't support CI/QE and perhaps that was the reason why I couldn't use iWork '08 properly. So, I went around googling for 'Core Image hacks' and stuff, and realised there was no real answer. With two last searches, I found these pages-




... I didn't want to download 1.1GB just to be able to fix Keynote- I was nearing my bandwith limit. I'm in Australia, and a 15GB limit is quite large for a home connection.


Anyhow, I also stumbled upon this page:




It was very similar to the pages I had seen before- but Keynote doesn't have a Defaults.plist, so it didn't work. However, there were quite a number of posts that wanted to know the same answer I did. So, doing a little more digging uncovered one guy that (on the second page of the thread) posted up a Defaults.plist file that would let Keynote work. It worked!


Pages now works too.


However, there's one thing that is really annoying me- in Keynote; the transitions are to die for.


However, whenever I click on the 'Inspector' button, it just shows the clicking animation of the button and does nothing. I was under the impression that it was meant to bring up a prompt of some sort.


I'd like to know if it's a problem with the way I installed my OS, if it's because I've de-activated SFRAcceleratedCanvas, or if it's because I'm dual-booting.


Any advice would be great :)


Thanks in advance, and I hope someone replies. :D



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Do you think that's my problem?


I was thinking of going to the nearest computer shop and buying one- but I'm starting to think that I don't really need it- I've got a 512MB graphics card already; and I don't want to downgrade just to use Keynote.


... I mean, if it is- then I will probably express my interest in purchasing one... but- that's just as a last resort.


Thanks for the help, it means a lot.



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