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ive noticed that in leopard 10.5.1 and also in tiger 10.4.9 (never tried anything above that) that when the resolution is higher at say 1920x1200 compared to 1024x768 there is quite a big difference in UI performance. at the higher resolution the performance feels kind of droned and sluggish.. where as at the lower one it feels more responsive. you can see it aint my gpu(7950GT) doing it nor the drivers, in leopard i have NVinject with full acceleration and in tiger it was natit 0.2? with full acceleration. is there anyway to improve performance?


another thing is the audio. how could i get 5.1? i mean i have the drives for my audio and all of the plugs and optical n stuff is working its just i have no idea how to get 5.1. I enjoy watching movies as my screen is rather large (28") but it just aint as good in 2.1 let alone 2.0. is there any method of getting 5.1? i read some threads about going into midi setup and choosing it there but it doesnt let me.



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