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  1. hey, thanks for the reply. its a nice monitor, i like it myself. although none of the stores around me that i have found so far sell that monitor anymore staticice.com.au doesnt even find anything, and that searches all of australia. any other recommendations?
  2. Hey, Im from australia and am looking for a new decent 24" monitor preferably with DVI and HDMI, but dont fully matter. The current monitor i have is out of date and hence want to upgrade to something larger. I was looking at the Samsung BX2450 but am wondering if anyone can suggest anything better/cheaper? cheers
  3. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    oh right ahha makes sense, luckily i asked u about it then ^^ so everything is fixed ?
  4. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Maldon, it works great! =D im typing from the 10.6.4 fresh install. Ive not yet tested shutdown or reboot, but audio and everything else is working fantastic. what changes did u do that made this version work and not the previous one? =S as my mac couldnt boot, i copied over the description and patch.txt files (from the new link you posted) into the windows version of the patcher and replaced the previous ones in the correct folder and ran it again, everything is smooth as butter. no errors on bootup either =D
  5. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    haha alright, ill check back to see if its just my computer having the troubles with the generated dsdt. and for the other question, i am have u noticed anything weird with it? if it is my system ive no idea why it fails the way it does =\
  6. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    haha thats what i thought maldon, but it dies on bootup using that dsdt =S and the kexts u supplied, its a clean system with no modifications. its strange >< also, you wouldnt know how to boot using dvi to hdmi cable would you? on 10.6.2+ it doesnt work anymore =S cheers
  7. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Maldon, regarding the message i sent u earlier, i was unable to save a dsdt.aml using the DSDT Editor thats written in java, but i was able to extract the dsdt and save it to dsl, so thats what ive done. Ive attached the file in this post. cheers dsdt.zip
  8. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    i forgot to ask, before i try a clean install cause my current rig is bricked, are those kexts in the zip for 10.6.4 and are they 64bit compatible or no? cheers
  9. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    this app is amazing, ill work it when i get home tonight question; i have a p35-dq6. does it matter what version of the bios i have? and also, do i just put all the files from the EXTRAS.zip into my /Extra/Extensions folder? do i need anything else to get it working? cheers
  10. Any USB Apple keyboard / mouse...

    nice work, quick question. does this change the mouse acceleration at all? so that its more like windows or is it still the same? i run a large resolution for my monitor which causes the mouse to sort of lag so am wondering if this fixes that? cheers
  11. so to update from 10.6.1 to 10.6.4 all id need to do is run the combo updater.. then install the kernel and reboot? or best to use The Zepheroth software updater and then apply this kernel?
  12. hey, i currently have an amd set up installed using 10.6.1 installed through the custom dvd available. Id like to update it to 10.6.4 but im not sure whats the best way to do it. I was considering the Zephyroth's AMD Software Updater but would that work at a time like this? i would then install the kernel from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=221599. what you guys think? any other success stories with people updating that way or any other better ways? cheers
  13. hey guys, im running a P35-DQ6 on 10.6.3 and updated my chameleon to the latest one and am just wondering what extensions are being used for the ICH9R support? it seems after updating it my device info is showing as Unknown AHCI Standard controller and am no longer sure what the kext does. Although i had originally installed myHack before to get my hardware working, the newest one still doesnt fix it, it also provides faulty ram info even though theres no SMBIOS or anything to tell it what speeds it is D=. so what kext are you guys using and how it help you? cheers
  14. hey, ive installed geektool 3 RC5 on my 64bit snow leopard running 10.6.3 and launched the preference pane from system preferences where the window opens, and i select shell and it opens a transparent properties box that says geeklet settings. and thats it. is there meant to be a place where code is entered? cause no other windows are opened.. may seem stupid for this post but ive googled to no avail. id love to be able to use geektool but it just wont work >< ive added a screenshot if it helps at all. thnx
  15. ne0shell, based on ur signature, is everything working well for ur setup? im planning on building a new pc, primarily for media so am having a hard time finding a good board i can get where i am (perth, australia) thats cheap and is supported by osx. thnx