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OSX Not Recognizing HDD


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For the life of me I *REALLY* don't know how you can ask for, and expect, help.

1) you don't, or can't be BOTHERED to tell us what you are installing (whose rendition of OSx)

2) AGAIN, you don't, or can't be, BOTHERED to give some of your computer specs, pertaining to your SPECIFIC problem, expecting anyone interested to take the time, and trouble, to look up what you have.




You have what is called a SATA hardrive/controller in your system, unless there is some sort of "compatibility option" in your bios, you are beat as far as a "normal install" (what you are trying to do) BECAUSE SATA hardrives/controllers are not native to OSx, so therefore your hardrive/controller is not seen.

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I'm installing OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2] on my system rebooting pressing F12 to get to boot menu choosing to boot from CD drive pressing any button when it tells you on screen and letting it install until the installation screen comes up.

I've got 2 partitions




There is no option in BIOS to disable the SATA controller or anything along those lines

All I have thats relevant to my problem is

Under the Advanced Screen i have

summary screen = disabled

boot time diagnostic screen = disabled

quickboot mode = disabled

USB outside port = enabled

onboard lan control = enabled

wireless control = enabled

wireless hotkey = enabled

USB Bios legacy support = enabled


And the boot screen

1. Fixed Disc Hitachi HTS541660J9Sa00

2.USB Key




6.USB LS120

7.PCI Bev Broadcom


There is the option to change something in device manager, see below


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