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All platform flags?


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What are all the platform flags, and what do they do?


I know about the existence of x86pc and ACPI...


But now I read that you can do both at the same time? (platform=ACPI|x86pc) What does this accomplish?


And what platform is being loaded when I don't use a platform flag at all? It's apparently neither ACPI nor x86pc since it behaves differently from both of those on my machine.


Mostly just curious. Thanks in advance.

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i'd like to know this too.


they seem to do different things each time i try them

eg, sometimes with ACPI it shows a battery icon, sometimes it doesnt, sometimes it shutsdown ok, sometimes it hangs.

its really confusing :(



would it be case sensitive?



would both do the same thing?


also i see some people say you should type it like:




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