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New 10.5.1 Install freezes on boot (pics)


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System Specs

AMD Atllon 64x2 4800 (940 socket) (SSE, SSE2,SSE3)

CS MCP61PM-HM mother board

onboard graphics are nvidia mcp61

video card is nvidia geforce 7600 256mb ram

BIOS is phoenix 5.05

Memory is 4gb ddr2 pc 4300


I can boot in safe mode, but I have no internet or sound.


Here are my screen shots, I have tried cpus=1 and it didn't make a difference.




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boot with -s

mount -uw /

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/GeForce.kext

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/Ge*.kext

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/NV*kext



Don't forget the bold command, this will give read/write access to the partition! :)

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Failing that, boot the OS in SAFE MODE: At first, when the boot loader is "counting down", hit Enter and at the prompt: TYPE -x and hit Enter. That should get you past the kernel panic and into the initial setup screens.


If you're not sure your LAN Adapter is 100% supported, disable it in the BIOS before you do this. When the Initial setup asks how you connect to the Internet, tell it you DON'T have an Internet connection.


If you make it past Account Creation, and into the OSX desktop, simply use Finder, navigate to your OS disk, the System folder, the Library folder, then the Extensions folder. There, move all the "geForce*.kext" files (anything starting with "geforce"), and all of the "nv*.*" files to the Waste Basket. (I also get rid of "forcedeth.kext" - but that's just because of the grief "nForce Network Controller" has given me...) It'll ask for your password. Once you've done that EMPTY the Waste Basket and restart the computer. It should boot to the OS without issue. Then you can go about loading the proper drivers (.kexts) for your video card and etc...

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