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800$ Hackintosh help


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Hey! I have about 800$ saved up alongwith 2 gb ram extra. I need help building a hackintosh on which i can flawlessly run Final Cut Studio 2 as well as listen to music and play videos. I need help from all the users! Thanks.

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you should be able to get a Quad Core Machine with $800!!!!


im just going to strip down the build im doing in the future


CPU: Q6600 Quad Core $280



Mobo: Bad Axe 2 $200



Cheap 2 gig sticks but wont count since you got 2, but more is always better!!! $35 each



500 Gig harddrive $105



DVD burner $35



7300 Gt video card $30



remember the case and PSU here are mine (oh and cpu cooling fan which a good on is $50)




you can cut prices with a smaller HDD or aCore 2 Duo but Quad is very good so i would spend the money!!! or maybe you can use an esisting HDD you have?!?!?!


so with out the case, PSU, and CPU fan you are looking at around $650 dollars before shipping!!!!

You can get cheapers Cases or PSU if you want



mine has 3 500's HDD

8 gigs of ram

8800 GTS

Blue tooth adapter


and thats around $1500


Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

maybe you can find the parts cheaper other places too!!!


do research




Oh rememer FCS2 is 1300 legally ;)

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