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stuck in initial setup loop on 1st boot


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Total noob here and don't know squat about macs or programming but want to try the leopard out on my x86.


(After trying iatkos 1,r2, and kalyway with guid, rdisk/fdisx/xdisk/bless/boot0 and all that fun stuff)


I finally got kalyway/mbr 10.5.1 to install.


The system boots, however keeps going back to the welcome graphics after I select "Continue without migration" or something like that.


I have a d3ll dimension 9200, (i965chipset), q6600, 2gbram, geforce 8300gs, usb keyboard/mouse, sata drives.


Essentially, it goes like this.



1 Fancy welcome screen (flying text in the multiple languages on 'galaxy' background)

2 Request to select keyboard/language/country type - I select USASNI/english/us

3 Request to select migration from pc/backup/another mac/none - I select none

4 disk thrashes about, I see pinwheel spinning

5 Repeat from step 1


Can anyone help me with this quandry? I'm going insane. I have tried selecting -x at the darwin prompt and holding shift down. Still stuck in a loop.





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even though you got it working i just wanted to let everyone know that selecting migrate from another volume got me around it. I just transferred my network settings from my tiger install. It was fast, since it's only 10kb to transfer.

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