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    Any cheap Airlink USB WiFi adapters work with OSX?

    Hi yazyazoo, I'm glad that worked out for you! I'm not sure about the PCI Cards. I was able to find out about the USB devices chipset because it showed up in the driver information in Vista so that is a realtek chipset inside. I think there's a thread going about some PCI cards that work well with leopard.
  2. rocketscience

    Geekbench and xbench

    I think that might be OK. I got 153 xbench with a quad core and 4553 geekbench.
  3. rocketscience

    Intel Quad Q6700 and Intel DG965WH Problems

    When you use -v, what is the last command line before it stalls? This might give you a clue. Try kalyway 10.5.1 install. Choose vanilla + efi + mbr
  4. rocketscience

    Any cheap Airlink USB WiFi adapters work with OSX?

    The airlink 101 AWLL3028 which I got for $9 at Fry's works with the Realtek 8187B driver also.
  5. rocketscience

    Updated Realtek 8187B & L Drivers

    Hmm... Not sure. Did you run the uninstall script before installing the 10.5 drivers?
  6. rocketscience

    Updated Realtek 8187B & L Drivers

    I ended up adding a connection as 'ethernet' with the utility running. You won't be able to use the apple tools. When you start the WLAN utility from the applications menu, what do you get? You should see a few tabs, one of whic allows you to see the wireless networks in the vicinity. Also, check under usb section in system profiler to see if realtek 8187 is showing up and be sure that you have the right version of the driver. (there's 8187b and 8187L)
  7. rocketscience

    Updated Realtek 8187B & L Drivers

    Is your USB drive working? Try and put a usb flash drive and see if it shows up. If that works, your usb drive is working. Try using a static IP address. It works for me quite well.
  8. rocketscience

    USB Driver Linksys BEFCMU10

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my cable modem to OSX via USB, but there doesn't seem to be a driver available. (I can't use ethernet as the intel82566 drivers aren't available) It is a linksys befcmu10, and shows up in the 'more info' item in about this mac under the USB section, however I'm unable to use it to connect to the internet. Any advice on how I might be able to get this working? Thanks, RS
  9. rocketscience

    Updated Realtek 8187B & L Drivers

    It looks like these are up. http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downlo...s=true#RTL8187B Thanks, RocketScience
  10. rocketscience

    Advice on removing NVInstallerV.32 after update to 10.5.2

    Thanks again. I looked at Kyle's link and didn't really understand the whole procedure with smth and reinstating kexts. I did re-run the kalyway kernel patch, ran disk utility to repair permissions and it seems that the kernel update (vanilla/efi) 'took' this time. No more extended blue boot screen. Perhaps 2nd time's a charm.
  11. rocketscience

    Advice on removing NVInstallerV.32 after update to 10.5.2

    Thanks VaporATX. I've updated to V.33 and seem to be running fine. I hadn't noticed the long boot time before now, although I ran the kalyway kernel install. Must have walked out of the room during reboot. Now to follow the instructions for that!
  12. Hi, I've been running kalyway 10.5.1 and used the NVInstallerV.32 package to get my NVIDIA 8300GS going pretty well. I've subsequently installed the Kalyway combo updater to 10.5.2, then ran the kernel update, followed by downloading installing the Apple Graphics updater. I'm running stable here but have some question and seek some advice. Do I need the NVInstaller? What is the best way to remove it, if not? Do I need the V.33 version? In the half-day I've been using 5.2, I'm working fine here and sleep works, which is better than before and more that I can say for the Vista premium that came on the Dell 9200/XPS 410 in use here! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, RS PS - Anyone know how to get album art to donwload without signing up for iTunes store?
  13. rocketscience

    8300GS in Leopard

    Which one was it? I used the 8600gt driver and it seems OK, but I get random freezes.
  14. rocketscience

    ATI HDTV and Remote Wonder

    Thanks Groffy77. I thought it might be a pretty low probability.
  15. rocketscience

    ATI HDTV and Remote Wonder

    Has anyone got this to work? ATI HDTV and Remote Wonder