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Looking for USB wifi with WPA support please

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My ipw3945abg is R.I.P, doesnt even work in windows and doesnt even work in leopard if it wasnt broke :P


So im looking for a usb wifi dongle which will work with as little hacking as possible in 10.5. And ofc i need encryption, at least WPA as im living in a student complex :P I'd prefer to avoid D-Link because of previous experience with them lol.


So please list some cards that are confirmed to work with leo, thanks a lot!

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The best for me.. usb.. is the following (also in my sig)

WiFi2 : Asus wl-167g (rt61), and SoftAp, Nintendo WFC Compatible


That is cheap, reliable, SoftAp on m$ winblows, and n-wfc..

I bought it 21 euros and it works like charm..! :P

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