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Where to start?


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Sorry if this isn't the proper way to go about this, but I'm almost lost.. even after reading almost the entire Wiki you guys have got up.


I have a PC, with the following hardware specs;


AMD x2 3800+

2GB DDR2 / PC2-4200 (512MB x4)

Dual LG DVD-/+R/RW drives (H41N and H44N, if that matters)

MSI K9NBPM2-FID Motherboard

Dual 250GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 hard drives (16MB Cache versions)

evga 7600GT / 256MB GDDR3 (PCIe)


I've got Vista Ultimate x86 installed along with VirtualBox (can use VMWare if need be..) and I have an original copy of OS X Tiger, although I'm not certain how to tell which version, but I believe it's the first release as it's in a retail box, and is quite old..


Can someone advise me as to where I would start? Are there patches/drivers lying around that I can download and impliment myself?


Again, sorry if this isn't the proper way to go about this.. but everything is pretty confusing when I try to put it all together myself..


Thanks in advance,




(edited in my graphics card..)

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well that OS dvd is too old, and won't work.


I went on the wiki, looked up "components" under the Hardware compatibility list, for 10.4.8, and found some info.. see atached pic.


Why don't you install leopard? You could use the ToH release (you would have to download a torrent). Also, iAtkos may work, but I'm not sure about AMD.


Also, kalyway 10.4.10 would work too it looks like. You will have to install drivers (.kext in OS X) to get stuff to work.


good luck, and post back what you decide and how you do. I will watch this topic.


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I'll pickup the Leo build (10.5.1).. but, what do I do with it once I get it? Do I simply create a bootable DVD, then run it in VMWare or VirtualBox?


I suppose I'll give it a shot once I get it, but let's assume it didn't work.. so I have some replies to come back to :)



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Well since you have AMD, the retail dvd won't work (even patched). Install a bittorent client (azureus, bitcomet, or something else) and download the ToH torrent. It should be about 4.xGB. Take that, burn it to dvd, and install inside vmware, or on a new hard drive.


how to find torrents:




type in "<what you want to find> torrent"


choose a link, pick one with many "seeders".


do not post a link to an OSx86 torrent on here. if you want, you can PM me and I will help you confirm that you chose a good one.


Also, thank you for your "I will find out by trying it out" attitude. It is sooo annoying when people are like "Well can I do this? can I? I don't know anything and I refuse to learn about it and I refuse to find out for myself so I want someone else to do everything for me".


Because of your attitude, I am happy to help :P




Also, consider writing an install guide for what you do if you have time. It could be very helpful. That is what I did. If you do, put the motherboard and "AMD" in the title. Post in the tutorials section...


I found a thread about an install dvd that could work: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73524


EDIT 2::


Looks like you need an IDE hard drive and DVD drive...



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