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The REAL MacBook Air

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So what are the chances of Hackintosh running on this beast? :(




2.0GHz "Dual Core Hybrid LV" processor with a 12W thermal envelope

13.3" 1440x900 LED backlit display

2 DIMM slots (maximum of 4GB of DDR2 memory)

Fingerprint reader

Touchpad and trackpoint inputs


Full-size keyboard

3 USB 2.0 ports

3 Internal PCI-E slots


4-in-1 card reader


Gigabyte Ethernet

ExpressCard slot



Verizon EV-DO Rev A, Cingular HSDPA and WiMAX options


12.5" x 9" x 0.73" - 0.92" frame

Weighs 2.5 pounds (most likely calculated with a 3-cell battery. Lenovo lists an upper limit of 3.17 pounds which probably takes into account a 6-cell or 9-cell battery.)


Come on Apple , was that so hard? :P

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...and it still looks like a stinkpad.


Yah too bad Thinkpads have a build quality that beats Apple's by a good mile, extended warranties that shoot apple out of the water, and can still beat apple on both price and functionality. Thinkpads were never meant for the fashion conscious, this is true. They were always marketed as a business line. But, the fact is, in terms of hardware, they are far better investement then an Apple Laptop. This is a true, do what you want, where you want laptop. The only thing missing is full OS X support. Oh well, I'll stick to a true BSD for now.


Flame war aside, this is thing is amazing. I think it's about time i sell my X60 and and T61p soon. The key on this thing will be price. I'm pretty sure SSD will become an option. It is just WAY too expensive not to be, unless Lenovo scored a huge deal. The other thing to remember is that Lenovo usually has amazing deals every year. Last Christmas, you could have gotten 42% of any configuration with the combination of fat cash, a coupon code, and their christmas instant discount. That is when these will fly. Definately will be my next Laptop....


PS. Apple is fine and all, but when an Apple fan boy flames, i breathe fire back. Learn to appreciate the pros and cons of good quality hardware, which i will admit also makes.

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