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  1. I haven't had any luck with sleep on this board, either. Unfortunately, SleepEnabler for 10.6.4 does not work. On the bright side, at least sleep doesn't nuke the CMOS - a restart/poweroff will do a normal reboot. I suspect it may have something to do with that weird "4MB" RAM in the memory pane: http://i.imgur.com/EvQqm.png I wonder if this is the BIOS or something. I've seen this show up on other MSI boards. It shows up as 4MB DDR2-800.
  2. Yeah best to start with fresh to avoid any problems. Nice work man! Glad to see a Snow guide up for this board...mine are still on 10.5.4/10.5.6 haha.
  3. Made a little app that disables Software Update, so you never "accidentally" download updates & break your hackintosh. You can download it here. Includes a script that reverts it back if you want to update iLife or whatever.
  4. You could try checking the PC Health in the BIOS - it will tell you the actual temperature of the chip. All I've got right now is the old guides, haven't had time to update them. My wiki is down for the time being until I have some more free time (current schedule 6am - 8pm work/school). No ETA currently, but there are some good guides floating around. Stella & Lifehacker did some excellent work on updates not too long ago.
  5. You're welcome, thanks for the appreciation! Having a great group to work with is what makes this fun Not posting any specific release dates anymore, I'm terrible at deadlines for this stuff RSS my blog or bookmark my Twitter (see sig) as I'll post updates there when things are available. Good to know, thanks! Anything NOT working on it?
  6. Not a lost cause, just been super busy. I meant to release on Halloween, but ran into a few technical problems. Stella's been the master assembler on the installer, which is the heart of the kit, so many thanks to him again for his help in actually getting it to work so that I can guide things up Also plodding my way through DSDT right now. For reference, blackosx put up a killer DSDT guide over here: (for the EP45, but great general knowledge) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=177497 1. Have you run Memtest on your rig? 2. Check your HDD SMART Status in Disk Utility - any red? 3. Installed anything new, hardware or software-wise lately? I can also say that Paragon NTFS works great. It's on sale for $19.99: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/ntfs-mac/ fwiw, I got faster read/write speeds & better stability with Paragon than with MacFUSE in the past.
  7. The LegacyHDA has been updated? Because the original is still working on my rig with 10.6.2, fwiw. Please let me know how EvoReboot works out for you, I haven't had a chance to play with it yet!
  8. Yeah, exactly...it's annoying while you're setting there, but come on, take a step back - it's TEN SECONDS! SECONDS! lol. And yet I still get annoyed as I watch it tick by
  9. Yeah, even though the F7 BIOS is aging, I've found it to be extremely stable. I hate the slow ACHI BIOS after POST, but I can live with it. I'm using the DSDT Audio with the LegacyHDA.kext method as well, I've found it to work fabulously. Stella turned me on to that method - so much easier when running updates. Audio was really bugging the heck out of me for awhile there lol.
  10. Awesome link, thanks! Have you had any issues with Flash under Snow? #1 - which board did you install this one? #2 - which video card & how much vram? You could give it a shot. The DSDT's that stella compiles & posts are created from dumps from specific boards, so whereas before with more or less general kexts you could get away with using different kits on different boards with some success, the newer ones are much more board-specific. The upshot is that they work a lot better than even the previous kits did. Stella's been doing a masterful job with the installers and I have to commend him for his patience doing all the testing for the UD3P remotely
  11. Well, I don't think the power bug is going anywhere. Done a fair bit of testing (mucho thanks to stellarola), and for now we're stuck at 10-15C higher CPU temps (my Q6600 is around 47C @ idle under OS X). Not bad for one of the few bugs in the latest kit! I meant to get this stuff out on Halloween, but the power bug has been a frustrating exercise in endless testing, so thanks for waiting while things get worked out! If you'd like to give it a try, stella posted his latest Snow Leopard installer for the UD3P on his blog: http://stellarola.tumblr.com/post/23846198...-update-ud3p-v3 Simple instructions: (you'll need an existing Mac or Hack to do this) Prep: 1. Format an 8gb HSF+ partition (USB flash, USB hard drive, or SATA hard drive) 2. Restore the Snow Leopard ISO to it 3. Run the installer on the restore ISO's partition 4. Setup your BIOS as per the Lifehacker Guide (many thanks to Adam Pash for the detailed guide!) Install: 1. Boot up your UD3P to the 8gb partition (make sure the BIOS knows USB or SATA, whatever you're using) 2. Install Snow Leopard to your boot drive, then let it reboot 3. Boot up again using the 8gb partition, but select the boot drive this time 4. Run through OS X setup to get to the desktop 5. Copy stella's installer to the desktop & install to your boot drive 6. Eject your 8gb partition drive & reboot Now you can run updates. It's safe up to 10.6.2 thanks to the tweaked DSDT & kexts. Make sure your BIOS settings match up to Adam's screengrabs. Aside from the power bug, the only other complaint I have is that onboard AFP/Bonjour for either of the two Gigabit Ethernet ports doesn't work without the Snow Leopard R1000 kext. Further details are available here. You'll probably need to manually set the speed to Gigabit in Network Preferences (mine defaulted to 10/100, I believe - it was very slow for large file transfers on my Gigabit network). Personally I just use a PCI NIC (Encore 1320, available on Newegg for $7.99) to avoid network driver-related problems. This is more or less the final installer that everything else will be based on. The final release kits will include a BootCD and I'll posted some detailed guides. The basic idea is to either boot up with the BootCD, swap it out with Snow Leopard & install, and then run the zero-config installer, or to just do it the 8gb-partition way if you have a Mac available to format all that on. Pretty easy all around; much simpler than the previous methods thanks to DSDT. Many thanks to stella for his amazing work on this stuff! I wouldn't have a usable guide without his skills & wonderful help, so please be sure to thank him when you see him Thanks for your patience & help everybody, things have progressed quite nicely over the last 6 months since Snow was released. I'm pretty happy with the latest iteration of the DSDT & kexts mix; it runs very reliably on my machine! Again I posted regular updates on Twitter, if you're interested in seeing what I'm currently up to, but I'll post again in here & on my blog when all of the kits are ready for release.
  12. weaksauce12

    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    After testing it for a few days, everything is stable & works properly. The only bug I've noticed is that network performance takes a serious hit - I typically get 27 MB/s transfer on my network (Gigabit LAN to a RAID NAS using FTP); with R1000SL I only get 7.6 MB/s, so I'm only getting about 1/3 the speed I'm supposed to. But, AFP/Bonjour work, wake from sleep works, Internet works, etc.
  13. weaksauce12

    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Haha yeah. I have an updated installer: (part of my script was cutoff somehow, plus the mkext cache stuff is relocated in Snow, so I just deleted that section - it will auto-regenerate @ reboot anyway) http://www.mediafire.com/?n2ciymqmdgw
  14. weaksauce12

    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Full, as usual Fixed, thanks!