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Hello all,


A lil new to the homebrew mac-ing so bare with me if I have stupid questions.


I'm a digital tech for a photographer looking into more efficient ways to have a powerful OS X machine on-site at photoshoots. We're really considering building a hackintosh with a small case and was wondering if anyone has tried building one with a ShuttlePC. Since they have to make their own motherboards, its a lil skeptical if OSx86 will work on their specific motherboard. Their newer models support Intel Quad Core chips and heavy PCI video cards, so the casing would be PERFECT for travel. But has anyone tried to install OSx86 on it yet?


Also, as for Wifi, OrangeWare released drivers for all sorts of Wifi PCI cards for Mac OS X.. would these drivers work with the OSx86 version? If so, we're finally not limited to Airport cards and can have any PCI Wifi adapter installed without fail.




Any serious response will be greatly appreciated.. i'm trying to find other digitechs in the area to help me fund this sorta project without worry of losing some money if all goes wrong.... or at least won't care if they actually paid for a powerful Windows based machine that failed loading OSx86.



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I've done a couple



As w/ any untested system the typical challenge you may have is getting the audio and/or NIC working..

Audio: in most cases audio out is a given (and in many cases all additional ins/outs can be made to work). When I used my system for audio production I used an external M-Audio DAC anyhow (USB or I.EEE) but my onboard Audio out works fine.

NIC: typical worst case w/ a Broadcom NIC is hex editing the old 5701 driver (as I had to do on both Shuttles) but w/ 2 slots you can always add a NIC/wifi or even purchase the new Apple USB2 Ethernet adaptor

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