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EFI: sleep working with iATKOS, not with Kalyway


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Hi, I have a Lenovo T60 and EFI with Kalyway worked beautyfully (I had a lot of problems with iATKOS). At last I was able to make iATKOS work, and I was surprised that sleep is working fine with it, while with Kalyway no way to make it work.

So I think that if I copy the right kext from my iATKOS installation to the Kalyway one I should have sleep function working in it as well, right? The question is: which kext do I have to copy?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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any luck so far ?

I don't have sleep working R60,


do you have a core 2 duo cpu ? what graphics ?


think it needs an applesmbios.kext , and powermanagment,

I did try it, with kalyway vanilla kernel and iatkos applesmbios.kext, but it would not boot.

maybe I did something wrong,


currently I get 0192 error security tamper detected, just reboots from sleep,

I did get the battery meter to work, but battery life is 2+hrs instead of 3 1/2+, and the fan is running all the time,


there is a newer iatkos with a patch, have you had a chance to try that ?

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