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iTunes 7.6 and QT 4.7


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I did all of the updates(iTunes, Quicktime, Front Row & iMovie) and they all started up with no problems. I haven't put any of them through rigorous testing, but there were no problems with the limited use they have had so far.


It is my understanding that app updates are usually pretty safe, it is only the system or security updates that cause trouble(although with my old Tiger install I'd get problems with iTunes when it checked for OS 10.4.10 & I only had 10.4.8. Easy enough to just put a fake version number in, but until I learned that trick I had some problems, so it is probably a good idea to check for OS version compatibility for apps, especially if the updates don't offer anything. That's one of the great things about having a Macbook in addition to a Hackintosh - if all else fails, just use the legit Apple machine to do what you need to!).

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