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  1. Not sure why everyone struggles in this thread with an ex58-ud5 and Lion! Attached is Crusair's highly tweaked dsdt (kudos) modified to Dood's 'audio option A' (kudos also!!) In Digital Dreamers (more kudos) script you need to browse into the 10.7 kexts folder and move all the stuff into the repository. You do not need anything extra installed for audio. Run the next install part of the script etc as described. You'll need to restore the original apple kexts if you've done any modifying. Anyway this dsst will give you analogue stereo out the ud5's green line out jack. 5.1 on the spdif. headphone port, line-in. Sorted Cruisar_audio_A_working_dsdt.aml.zip I'm wondering if some of my fellow ex58-ud5 owners could share their graphics card experiances? I had a gtx285 which worked worked real good with sleep/wake etc. BUT it had to go because I cannot live with it being slower than a 4870 because of rubbish osx drivers. I now have a 5870 that I bought earlier this month. Performance is good - double the 285 in Lion. However it has the hdcp issue like a lot of mac users running a 5870 where sometimes the screen is blank/snow after booting. I can only get DVI output to work, no hdmi, no multi display, no display port. Rather annoying. So can anybody recommend something? A gtx570 sounds nice but how does it fare with lions drivers? What about a ati 6970? thanks,
  2. Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    I have just done this mod on my ASUS 5870 and it works! My card is an Asus EAH5870/G/2DIS/1GD5 connected via dvi to a dell 2407. I wanted 1920x1200 for chameleons gui as I used to have this with my gtx285 using the anval booter. Since I am now using chameleon 2.1 r1650 for Lion the game has changed! The instructions are perhaps a little scarce in the original post for ATI owners so below is a picture guide as to what I did. I will also attach the stock & modified bios so you can compare what I did. 1: Get your bios from your 5870 using gpuz in windows. 2: run analysevbios on it and you should get 5 'modes' shown similar to the screen shot below. We have to edit all of them. write down the hex of the 5 tables, i.e. a9ee, aa0a etc. 3: Open your extracted bios using RBE 'radeon bios editor'. Click the hex dump button. Now on the right in the 'jump to pos' field type in the hex value of your first table and click go! it'l jump and you will see the 6byte value on the left 20 03 00 01 58 02 exactly like in DieBuche's post. Highlighted in pic Below. 4: Changing the modes to 1920x1200 resolution. Mode 1 (a9ee) Now we are not interested in the bytes 3&4 of that string. This is the case for every table. So the first edit I change 20 03 00 01 58 02 to 80 07 00 01 B0 04. We change bytes 1&2 & 5&6, leaving bytes 3&4 as they were. Mode 2 (aa0a) Lets jump to position aa0a in RBE. Look at the bytes and you'll see almost the same as before except bytes 3&4 in the middle are different. Edit bytes 1&2 & 5&6 to the same as you did before. So 20 03 E0 00 58 02 becomes 80 07 E0 00 B0 04. Do this for the remaining 3 modes. 5: Lets click on 'okay (applies changes)' in RBE and make sure the checkbox 'automatic checksum handling' is ticked. Now save the modified bios out of RBE. I called mine mod.rom for ease. 6: Lets run analysevbios on the modified rom. Now what should actually happen is that it will show no 'modes' found. See my screenshot. What is happening is analysevbios is searching for modes that are 800x600. We have just changed those modes to 1920x1200 so of course it will show nothing found because there is no longer 800x600!!! That's it now - just got to flash the bios. Flashing the bios. I used the latest atiflash on a win98 bootable usb drive. You should experiment first - I created a bootable usb dos drive. Now I had to flash my bios with 'atiflash -f -p 0 mod.rom' I was planning to use the -pa flag which is supposed to flash all adaptors in the system without question - However it fails for me and demands I choose the adaptor number. atiflash -i tells me my adaptor is 0. So knowing the right flash command i created a second bootable usb drive with my unmodified bios on. This was my blindflash failsafe. I put 'atiflash -reboot -f -p 0 stock.rom' into auto exec.bat. The reboot flag tells it to reboot after flashing so I know its finished. Lastly on my gigabyte ex58-ud5, it seems to have an issue booting of usb reliably. To make sure the blind flash was gonna work I unplugged my regular hard drives and set the first boot drive to be 'usb-hdd' This ensures it will boot from the usb no matter what. Enjoy!
  3. Has anybody eles tried the applertc kext patch from this thread? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1701885 I have applied it and it does seem to make sleep work for lion 100% on my ex58-ud5...
  4. Arrrrgh! Spoke too soon. Cinebench CPU test causes an immediate kernel panic Will try in a moment without the P&C states enabled...
  5. Hey Maj, I had followed your install along with Crusair's mods a long time ago and all had been well. Infact nothing has ever gone wrong! I decided to test lion on a spare ssd with your guide. Anyway I followed it to the letter, with DDST tweaks and all was ok apart from the issues you mentioned such as wake from sleep. I have fixed my wake from sleep simply by adding generate C & P states in the boot loader plist. Thats the only thing i've done - Sleepenabler is still installed as per your script etc. The only other thing is audio, works fine but we need to get it outputting on line out instead of internal speakers. Years ago I discovered that internal speakers does adjust the sound (lacking bass.) I'm sure I raised the issue on this board. Maybe i'm out of touch and this is standard knowledge now My system: ex58-ud5 (F9 bios) i7 920 @ 3.8g 12gb corsair 285gtx Can anyone tell me what the options are these days for upgrading my 285gtx? I'd like to switch to ATI, 5870 would be ok, what about the 6xxx series? Will Chameleon RC5 just pick it up or would I need to get creative with kexts? thanks, dub...
  6. CruiSAr I have just installed using your guide which seems to work very well. Thanks for you effort I noticed a couple of things though, just wanted to see if you have the same on your system (my system is pretty much identical) I noticed that analogue line out audio comes out of the black minijack instead of the regular default green lineout for these motherboards. Second thing - if I look at system profiler, specifically Serial-ATA. Mine is listed as 'Intel ESB2 AHCI' instead of Intel ICH10 Ahci...? If you could compare that would be cool... thx, jay
  7. Well yes it seems that the iMac downstairs has one. Latest updates etc. If you go on to google and search for something, then click one of the links then it goes mental. I can see all these addresses flash up in the address bar then it final settles on some random advertising page. If I click back then it does not go back to google but rather this whole random address cycle again. Any ideas anyone?
  8. System.kext 10.5.2

    Using Kalyway iso and 10.5.2 update. That's all installed already, just not those kexts from Kalyways original kext folder. Running on a p35-ds4.
  9. System.kext 10.5.2

    Hey all, Can I install the system.kext that's in the 'Original Kexts' folder from Kalyway's 10.5.2 update? What about 'AppleLPC.kext'? cheers dublove...
  10. Any chance mac.nub that you could look into why a modified smbios.kext stops 'logmein' from working? A few people have posted in netkas's forum about it already. As soon as you use an smbios other that an original logmein will no longer enable. My take is that if one program is stopped from working correctly then there could be others that don't also. dublove ---------
  11. Thats interesting. I'm going to flash back to F8 and see what happens. It's odd though because sleep was working just fine on F11 then one day it just stopped. I'll report back.
  12. Hey there, I'm the one who wrote the guide you mentioned. Seem like a lot of you people on this forum are really lucky with this motherboard. Google 'p35-ds4 reboot cycle' & 'p35-ds4 bios issues'. Pretty gobsmacking that nearly all of the new Gigabyte mobos all share these same problems from p31 to x48 chipsets. Anyhow make sure you 'clear DMI' data when you flash the bios. Then Shut down. Boot it and load 'optimised defaults' save and power down. then Boot again and see if it let's you overclcock. Also when setting up the bios for your overclcock set the MCH© Voltage & FSB Voltage to +0.1v. Doing this seems to help a lot. My board is going back for an RMA soon because of the reboot cycle, every so often it'll will happen and the system turns on and off in an endless loop for about 3 seconds a time. Doesn't even get to the bios screen. I have to hard cut the ac power to it and clear the cmos. Pretty damaging for the rest of my hardware considering the 1st time it happened i didn't realize for about 20 minutes. My hard drives would have been turned on & off in that period approx 400 times. (Thats got to be good for their lifespan huh...) I can also trigger this anytime I wish now simply by trying to sleep the computer. What's strange is that it does this in both osx AND vista. Funnily enough I never changed anything hardware or software - it just randomly decided that it was going to do this by itself - sleep *was* working 100% OK beforehand. I would advise anyone thinking of buying this board to search the terms I listed in Google and see for themselves first. I'll be buying another board (IP35 Pro?) and flogging the new board I get back from RMA.
  13. Long Time Listen: Check back in my post where i list the drivers I installed. I've added the files on as an attachment for you
  14. Ah yes yes, this is what happens to me! Tried to explain earlier in the thread but not very well. Does not matter if I overclock the board or not, some times i switch it on and it powers on for like 3 seconds then off, then on & off continuously like that. Doesn't even get to the bios screen. For what I have read most of the new gigabyte boards have this problem!
  15. Going semi OT here but have you guys experienced erm any reboot cycles or the bios loosing it's overclocking settings? Apparently it's quite an issue with this board and I've already had it happen a few times. An F12 bios is coming soon which may help.