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Lee Batten

Mac ROM Help

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I got my first mac for Christmas, a lovely Mac Mini super drive, but I've be interested in trying out classic Mac OS. I have 7.5 running, but now I want to try OS 9. I have tried and tried to find a ROM, but it's turning out useless.


Apple should provide a ROM now, seeing as Classic is dropped from the almighty Leopard.


Any help is deeply appriecated.


Thanks :)

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I will not show you where are the files, but how to get to it.

Search for "world ROM" in my site. (look above)

There are 2 different kinds of ROMs for Power Macintosh emulation. Remeber: there is the Old World ROM and the New World ROM. The Systems like 9.0.4 can only be emulated with a NWR.

It's in portuguese, but if you do it right, you will find 2 posts with easy-share downloads. :)

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