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Is this the Leopard's default icon ?: Hardisks Icons are Yellow Orange


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Hi. :D Finally after almost a year of sheer hardwork and countless prayers (of course this is not the only one I'm doing during this time...downloads, reinstall, wait for new iso, etc.), this is as close to a Mac Pro as it's gonna' be with this setup. With this install which is for keeps hopefully coz' of the EFI emulation (it updates normally), I hope to work on it to earn and buy the real Mac.


Having really studied the specifics of my hardwares, Kalway 10.5.1 installed flawlessly on my GA-965P-DS3 rev. 1.0 with GUID, [bIOS: AHCI, 4 seconds delay, PME enabled, did install with default BIOS settings first] overclocked C2D, DVD IDE, 7900GS using NVinject with dual monitor extended desktop ok (Natit works too), Maya 2008 working ok, Time Machine, sleep with hardisk power down, vanilla kernel (original Apple kernel), etc. I used Kaly's restore program to bring the Dock, background and window color to the default. I'm not sure if the default uses magnification and that's the size of the Dock icons, though. It also works without AHCI sometimes you will need Gparted for flag management with iAtkos. iAtkos works as well but I like to have GUID. I will use iAtkos for the ALC833 sound driver which can hopeuflly be setup for 5.1 instead of stereo (Kalyway's sound driver works too).


The hardisk icons however are color yellow orange, would this be the default icon? If not, how can I restore it to the original. I'm trying to make it as close as a Mac Pro as possible. I haven't tried Boot Camp, not there's a need for it nor RAID 0 or 1- if you have info on making Boot Camp and RAID possible, give me a link.


The only one after a week of making Leopard flawless and as close to the Mac Pro as possible, are those yellow orange icons are the ones left that needs to be switched back to default if they aren't already.


[in Vista's registry AHCI has to be enabled if you're multi booting on more than one drive using the BIOS's boot menu. I googled: "Vista"+"AHCI" site:microsoft.com on how to go about enabling this, so you don't have to switch between enabling AHCI and disabling it every time you want to boot to the Vista hardisk.]


Thanks in advance. Gbu.

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