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p-lease help! BLACK CH espcially


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Okay I got the XXX OS x86 10.4.11 disc and loaded it with these drivers checked.




-Apple update


-kernel 8.11.1 EFI

-All from recommendePatches menu (you wont need the PowerManagement remover in your system...)

-1 Graphics

-1 Audio

-2 Network


So it boots then all these numbers and letters come up on the screen and then it hangs at


"using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers"


PLEASE HELP!!! I wanna show my media teacher this since he says its virtually impossible, and I want to mess around with the osx.


Specs are Dell Latitude D800, 1 gig of ram, nvidia fx5200 go, pentium M processor at 1.8ghz sse2




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