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Itouch 1.1.3 firmware upgrade succesfully January-Software-Update


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For the people that didn't got the apps after upgrading to 1.1.3/buying January-Software-Update

The solution is in this topic:



1. Upgraded iTunes to version

2. Upgraded the iPod Touch to software version 1.1.3

3. Went to this iTunes Store link and purchased the software

4. Followed Apple’s instructions and clicked the “sync” button in iTunes and disconnected the iPod Touch

5. Plug iPod Touch into computer (after you’ve done steps 1-4 from the list at the beginning of this article)

6. BACK UP YOUR IPOD!!! (doing the rest of these steps will erase EVERYTHING from your iPod)

7. Start iTunes

8. Click your iPod’s listing under “DEVICES” in iTunes

9. Click the Summary tab

10. Click the “Restore” button (THIS ERASES YOUR IPOD’S DATA!!!)

11. Wait for the magic to happen…

12. You may need to Register your iPod with a different name than it used to have before the restore and DO NOT USE THE PREVIOUS SETTINGS OR BACKUPS

13. make sure that the "Manually Manage..." is unchecked

14. makes sure that the "Synch only checked songs..." is unchecked

15. “sync” again

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