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AMD Pre install questions


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I have, what seems to be, a pretty nice system to setup Leopard on besides it being an AMD. I have been doing a lot of reading all over the place about this. I have an AMD chip that supports both SSE2 and SSE3 would I need run a disk that says AMD on it or could I run the KALWAY 10.5.1 release? Or can I install the pc_efi and just run a retail disk, which I have? Or is there this whole thing where the disks are made JUST for intel and they wont work with AMD? Then another question I had which I could not find on anything was what exactly is going on with this pc_efi? Does it just go to the MBR? And if I install this can I uninstall this and have my pc back to how it was before the times of OSX? Just a few questions I had im sorry if they were already posted or somewhere on the internet but I could not find the answers, and im probably going to feel really dumb when someone points me to a link really quick but I appreciate you taking a look anyway.



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