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i cant install my asus 7300gs! Need some help!


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I have installed mac osx 10.5.1 on my machine,


But i cant install my graphics card i have installed Natit but it doens work.


Who can help me to fix this anoying problem iam running now @ 1024X786 and that sucks on a 20 inch wide screen monitor.


specs of my machine:


Asus 7300gs


Amd opteron 148 @ 3.0 ghz


1 gb G.E.I.L ddr400 (2x 512)


80 gb sata2 hardisk

250gb ide hardisk


Everyting is working but not my graphics card!

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I have the exactly same card with you. I've installed the NVinject. I can change resolution but I can't have QE and CI working.


I have made a screen shot for it.


Please if there is any one that can have this card working, let me know.


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