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Mouse dock hover and expose not working


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I just set up my mac mini as a desktop (used to have it just as a TV/movie box) because I'm away in prague right now and needed a computer and noticed that my mouse doesn't seem to be working well in leopard. When I first start the computer the apple menu is down (About this mac, etc) and my mouse is hovering over it. When I click out ofthat menu, the dock hovers (that show the names of the programs, etc do not work, nor do menus highlight items when I hover over them, and nor do my expose enabled hot corners.


What's going on here? It seems like it thinks my mouse is somewhere it's not and rollovers do not work because of that. Sometimes it does begin working again but I can never figure out how or why. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I have a mac mini 1.83ghz with 512 ram and it has leopard updated completely. The mouse and keyboard are a Labtec wireless setup that I bought here in Prague.


I hope someone can help me out, thanks,


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I can replicate your problem!!


If i hold mouse button down as the system boots up, the apple menu is open when it goes into GFX mode (main desktop) then its gets kinda confusing.....

from here on the button seems to be stuck or works the otherway round, up is down down is up and it causes screen tearing so it doesn't necessarily update....

I unplugged the mouse and used a different USB port and it seems fine OR reboot!


First try another mouse(loan one before i make you spend money unnecessarily! :D



hope it helps?



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