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KalyWay 9a527 detect a wrong CPU, and more Problems


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Hello guys....


i got teh KalyWay Leopard 9a527, boot normaly on my ECS 945G-M3, the instalation was good, BUT...


** when i install the intel GMA 950 driver include in the DVD the Leopard intro don't start and the system gone freeze. when i skip the GMA 950 driver the installation continues without problems.


** Leopard 9a527 only show a 3Ghz Unknow (Processor) and only a Cache L2 512k (of my 1MB Cache L2 of my Intel Pentium 4 530) in the system profile.


** Msn Messenger don't connect ( says that i've the wrong password or ID allways), but Adium connects without problems.


** the system profile show a Intel GMA 950 with a 64mb only ( Mac os Tyger 10.4 show me a 256mb).


** in some programs (like Firefox and office 2004) the mouse cursor gone freeze (i think is a graphic problem).


please help me with this... Regards...




Motherboard: ECS 945G-M3 (Intel 945G Express Chipset)

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz ( 800Mhz / 1Mb )

Memory: 1.5Ghz DDR2 667Mhz

Drive: 80Gb IDE


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