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Kalyway 10.5 PROBLEMS detect a wrong CPU, etc...


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Hello guys....


i got the KalyWay Leopard 9a527, boot normaly on my ECS 945G-M3, the instalation was good, BUT...


** when i install the intel GMA 950 driver include in the DVD the Leopard intro don't start and the system gone freeze. when i skip the GMA 950 driver the installation continues without problems.


** Leopard 9a527 only show a 3Ghz Unknow (Processor) and only a Cache L2 512k (of my 1MB Cache L2 of my Intel Pentium 4 530) in the system profile.


** Msn Messenger don't connect ( says that i've the wrong password or ID allways), but Adium connects without problems.


** the system profile show a Intel GMA 950 with a 64mb only ( Mac os Tyger 10.4 show me a 256mb).


** in some programs (like Firefox and office 2004) the mouse cursor gone freeze (i think is a graphic problem).


please help me with this... Regards...




Motherboard: ECS 945G-M3 (Intel 945G Express Chipset)

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz ( 800Mhz / 1Mb )

Memory: 1.5Ghz DDR2 667Mhz

Drive: 80Gb IDE

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The fact that the profiler mis-id'ed your CPUS shoudn't cause any problem I think. (Leo wasn't intended to run on your CPU, so it probably didn't have it in its database)


Did you try to install a GMA950 kext from Tiger? Maybe that gives you the 256MB back.


The last point looks like 'mouse tearing' (which I think is an issue on the GMA950). Try to install Mouselocator (search on this forum). This hides most of the tearing, but it doesn't fully solve it (maybe upgrade to another GPU...?).

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What was the fix, I ahve tried loading teh GMA 950 driver on 4 different drives everything works with teh exception of Firewire and the graphix only show 1024 x 768.....


Tried reloading no luck added an 8600 works OK but ever second reboot goes to the onboard driver..


PM me if you have any idea's

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