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  1. hackeron, Your post solved my problem with sound and clock timing on my Q9300. I exchanged the Vanilla kernel that came w. Kalyway 10.5.2 with a modded kernel on the same install disc and everything is running fine. Oh, and Logic does not have any sync issues anymore! A non-syncing internal clock seems like a big issue, remarkable that besides these above issues everything was running smooth and stable... Haven't tried 'sleeping' but I don't really care as my system boots in less than 30s, so why bother. Thanks for posting!
  2. If your'e past the grey screen, you're too late. As soon as BIOS is done its POST, hit F8. I think the default KalyWay boot setting is that the Darwin bootloader waits 5s and then boots Leo. After hitting F8, you can enter boot options (like -s to get started in single user mode). In user mode type 'mount -uw /' and then ./movevideodrivers (include period!). This will run a script that asks 4 times wether to move a specific set of drivers from your Extensions directory to a backup location. Note that it can take a bit of time before this script finalizes (~10-20s). I would advise figuring out wether your video card is supported, but it is safe to move all video drivers to the backup (answer yes 4 times) and then type 'exit' to reboot. Probably your system will then boot to Leo using the VGA mode of your card. Also it helps diving a bit into the world of kexts and leasrn some basic Unix commands.
  3. 8400GS problem

    Are you getting QE/CI? Check Displays in Profiler.
  4. XfX 8400Gs 512 meg

    Thanks bh for the detailed heroic effort! Are you able to select higher resolutions? Also, is it DVI or VGA output you ar getting? I haven't been able to get my 8400GS 512MB to work yet, I also tried the gfx string, but I probably did not change the device ids in those kexts. Also using the efi util, what string did you fill in in the model name? Is it realy important or is it just a cosmetic thing that shows up in the profiler under Displays? Thanks!
  5. Also boot in verbose mode (hit F8 as soon as the Darwin Bootloader starts, then type -v and press enter) so you can see whats going on 'behind the grey logo'.
  6. Reboot continuously

    As far as I know, for EFI you need to have a GUID formatted HD (select this option when formatting/partitioning in Diskutilities during install). You may want to look into this and re-install with either Darwin/MBR/non-vanilla or EFI/GUID/Vanilla. Also, what CPU are you using?
  7. OSX boot error

    Great it worked! Sound/network may be a matter of installing the right kexts. For your laptop you may give it a try with EFI/Vanilla. Check the HCL if someone else did this before.
  8. OSX boot error

    I would try install it on a dedicated drive. There are quite some issues around getting the Darwin bootloader correct. With your PC, I would first go with MBR/Darwin bootloader (not EFI) and a sse2 'patched' kernel.
  9. Can only boot from dvd

    I first un-ticked, then wrote/committed the change, then re-open that 'boot flag manager' and set it again. I can't recall exactly the names / menus of GParted, but by first un-setting then setting I could make sure GParted actually set a flag. In my case that did the trick.
  10. OSX boot error

    More info on your setup would help... Did you try installing Leo on a dedicated HD? This is the best way to test it for your configuration without hassling w. multiple bootloaders.
  11. Can only boot from dvd

    Hi, I had to 'un-set' it in GParted (then write change) and then set it again in GParted (and write change). Only then it booted from HD. Search for 'blinking cursor' in this forum, there are other solutions (manually install the Darwin bootloader f.i.)
  12. I used the patched iAtkos (for SSE2) and it did not have a Darwin loader option under Utilities. I used the MBR option, made a single HFS+ partition and after install ended up w. the blinking cursor. In GParted, it showed up as that the bootflag had been set, but anyway I 'un-set' it, wrote the change w. GParted, then set it again (and wrote it in GParted). After that, Leo booted... Holger: you may try un-setting and re-setting of the boot flag in GParted. For more options, search for 'blinking cursor' as there are more ways of getting it resolved.
  13. Installing from hdd

    So, you are trying to boot from that Leo partition? How did you put this partition + iso image on the HD? I am not sure what happened to the boot sector of your HD, but it seems be confused... Some more info would help.
  14. I can't boot on the DVD

    Could also be the 'JMicron' controller on your board (there is info on the iAtkos distro on this). Search for com.apple.boot.plist not found on this forum
  15. The fact that the profiler mis-id'ed your CPUS shoudn't cause any problem I think. (Leo wasn't intended to run on your CPU, so it probably didn't have it in its database) Did you try to install a GMA950 kext from Tiger? Maybe that gives you the 256MB back. The last point looks like 'mouse tearing' (which I think is an issue on the GMA950). Try to install Mouselocator (search on this forum). This hides most of the tearing, but it doesn't fully solve it (maybe upgrade to another GPU...?).