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What Motherboard does Netkas and the iAtkos Makers Use?

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Hi. Does anyone know what motherboard and setup (including add on cards, and other peripherals) Netkas and the iAtkos makers use. It would be good to know their exact , brand model and version of their motherboards where they test the EFIs and the installers. From there the makers of the northbridge, southbridge and the controllers could be known so that it doesn't have to be their exact motherboard just the right manufacturers and the right model for those those motherboard components.


Better yet, research suggest Apple's boards are from Foxconn, it'll be good to know what's the northbridge, southbridge and controllers that Foxconn used for the current Mac Pro and other Intel Macs (even the older ones- of course the later the Mac model the better). And maybe there's a board from Foxconn itself or other board makers that have that exact motherboard components. Thanks in advance.

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