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Option GT Max 3.6 Express Leopard Hackintosh


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Can anyone verify if the PCI Express slots are working on Leopard Hackintoshs? Only Expresscard I have is a HP TV Digital tuner card which dosn't work, but I don't know if thats the card not working or the slot at all. I really looking hard at ordering the service threw cingular, but I don't want to buy the card and then be forced to put windows back on here because I went with the card vs. the usb adapter. Really would prefer the card over usb. Any feed back would be wonderful or any command line to check if it can read the HP Tv Tuner Express card in the slot even though its not working.


Christopher M. LeBlanc

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very interesting article, thanks.

But i still have a problem .. They said :


I have my card working.




1. Select the GlobeTrotter Modem in Network Preferences.

2. Configuration set to Default

3. Account Name - Blank

4. Password - Blank

5 Select "Advanced"

6. select WWAN tab

7. Set Vendor to "Option"

8. Model set to "GSM"

9. APN set to "telstra.datapack

10. CID = 1

Click OK

Then Connect.


Seems to work



9. APN set to "telstra.datapack

I have to input "Dialed number" ( not APN "Acces point name" ) ... How can I proceed ?

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