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  1. I'm just throwing this out, I will go into more detail as I dive into the project more. I have a HP Mediasmart Server EX470. The Goal of this project is not only to get Snow Leopard Server Working on it, but I will be doing my own build just for this project. If anyone has any previous experience doing this please any info would be greatly appreciated in speeding up the project. I will post more on the website and packages as I get things going. Again any info is welcome... Christopher M. LeBlanc
  2. Title pretty much says it all. What I am looking for is some information, links anything to give me more insight on doing fresh clean install of Snow Leopard on my Macbook pro with the best file encryption for the least performance lost. I guess the sweet spot. I've really only done this in the past on a gentoo setup and that was so long ago I really don't even know were to start looking. Simply put my mbp is what I consider to be a life line being the nerd I am. And be it just my financial records or the next greatest novel if something did happen to that my computer was stolen or hacked I want whats on my hard drive to be unaccessable by anyone without knowing the key. please feel free to just reply or send me a email reguarding this to cleblanc69@gmail.com Thank you please only post if its related too the topic, I'm sure there are millions of post here and there, and I am looking but as I said don't really know were to start with osx encryption so any info is appreciated greatly. Christopher M. LeBlanc Be Kind Rewind
  3. I'm glad to hear you have gotten 10.6 working, though how does this pertain to what he is talking about? Also I wouldn't look to apple releasing there os to pc users. Running a hackintosh is a great step into using a great OS, but all in all if you never buy a real mac then your no different then Uncle Gates. Supporting Apple is what keeps them developing a great OS, notice there Software improves as it evolves, Windows really doesn't scale that way, they fix one thing break 10others and call it a fix. Either way Apple makes great OS that is catered to their particular hardware. Would be happy to see as updates roll out and more 64bit updates roll out, but as previously said its for those people using software that takes advantage of it. Don't take it personal, my main laptop was running osx86 from tiger days until about 2 months ago. Saved up long time, and this MacBook Pro 17inch 8gigs ram is by far the best investment i have ever made in any computer. Yeah they cost alot, but the quality is there. Sorry to kinda jack your 64bit kernel post, just had to throw my two bits in. "Apple kill Microsoft? Never, why would they kill off someone who gives them a slate of what people don't like. Think of Microsoft as the Beta and Apple as the Final, Considering Windows Really never goes final its always a beta."
  4. My MacBook Pro ;)

    Thanks man, I'm really still in aw that I actually bought it. I play World of Warcraft and the first thing I did was push the settings to ultra and in total aw of how smooth everything runs. Bought an xcode book, and ordering my Apple Developers kit tomorrow. Already bought 3 programs I use and could have easily gotten them for free. I totally feel supporting anything I use that works. Found this really hot Novel Screen play program, Scrivener, which I highly recommend as must have if your doing any type of writing. It just makes live so much easier, and as with most other mac products, it simply Works.
  5. Well guys and gals, I've been in the hackintosh scene for quite awhile now. Being I finally was able to afford to buy the real deal after all this time of saving and raiding the sofa for spare change I bought my MacBook Pro 17inch today. I'll still be reading in the community to keep up on things, but I'll be giving my hp hackintosh dv6226us laptop to my daughters and my days of any hackintosh mods or configs are over. Its been fun, and I wish everyone well on getting the real deal if thats what they want. This by far is the best investment I've ever made in a computer.
  6. OSX86 & PGP Disk Encryption?

    Your best bet before doing anything would be to make a backup of your install. When I setup my laptop hp dv6226us with osx in the earlyer days of 10.5 beta the 1st thinig I did was split my hardrive into 2 partitions. and use a really must have imo program called Superduper to basicly clone my primary partition and have an image setup on the 2nd partition. This way if you kill your main install you just boot from the 2nd partition and transfer it back to the primary in the same way. Hope this helps with atleast your reinstall problem.
  7. I personally like iDeneb 10.5.5 atm, your best bet is to get a broadcom wifi card of the net, wouldn't recommend ebay due to the paypal scam they seem to be pulling, but thats another story. I've got the dv6226us, replaced the wifi card, only have audio out with the drivers, but I haven't really researched if getting the output and built in mic working. the SDcard reader isn't working either, everything else works fully with vanallia drivers. If your going to dualboot, I would highly recommend dumping vista and installing Windows 7 Beta if you must have windows. Yeah its beta, but every version of window seems to be a beta thats never fixed and windows 7 seems to work faster and more stable that vista. I've found just about every app I could ever need for OSX, even the only real game I play World of Warcraft runs on it amazing. If you have any more questions feel free to pm me again, just please be more specific in what you want to know.
  8. Man, I really don't mean too sound like an ass or anything, or insult your intelligence any;even though, OSx86 is really nice alternative till you can purchase a real mac. If you can't get it working on your own your going to be miserable every time you crash it. Knowing how to fix a problem you prevent the chance of crashing it, and i don't mean the os will fail on you, its if you do an update by mistake or someone else does it and the system is toast. I know it can be a little overwhelming till it actually works. When you get it working though you get this feeling of happiness not only that you got it working, but that YOU got it working. IMO the best thing to do is research the Brazil setup method and work with that. You learn so much, yeah I use iDeneb 10.5.5 due too the fact I like to try them all out, but it was just quicker and simpler on my part to install it than installing Kalyway and updating it. Also Intel based processors make life alot easier. But I'm sure someone out there has your amd system running it.
  9. 10.5.4 Battery Meter

    Its been awhile sence i posted anything, and the dv6000 thread I started has grown so large i figured it was time for a new thread to get a solution too this going. Due too the fact Gustauv plowed threw my home and my laptop is the only hardware i have left and some free time. I'll be compiling my own little hp dv6000 guide with what people have gotten working. Does anyone have a link to a working powermanagment package for 10.5.4? i had one in 10.5.3 working perfect with battery meter on the bar and when unpluging from ac, but it dosn't work correctly in 10.5.4. Also Has any progress been made in getting audio out working with the dv6226us drivers.
  10. Goodbye OSx86 back to Vista

    As too your comment on my HDD not being damaged, yes it is very much dead. And I've already dump'd vista and installing Leopard back now, new HD working great. Vista was great, the malware {censored} that started totally {censored}'d any thought of me buying vista. Spyware people need to be excuted by gun fire.
  11. Well first off this is by no means a easy task. I fell in love with Tiger the moment I came across the hackintosh scene. Leopard was a blast, getting it working on my HP Dv6226us had its up and downs. With the Exception of the built in mic audio in/out, and the SD card reader i had everything working pretty much. EFI everything, loved it. I bought one of those Cingular Wifi Cards and Leopard Freaked out, just wouldn't work properly with the card. So wanting to see how well the card worked I went back to windows install to find out how much dmg was done too my hard drive. Now keep in mind, leopard was running fine as far as I can see, even on the damaged hard drive. I managed to get XP working vista wouldn't even install till hours of doing this and that, and finally was a Ubuntu live cd w/gparted that I was able to creat a partiation in which vista could format. After the install, the drive was so far gone that Vista took 5mins to boot up and crashed every other boot. I am still a OS X fan, and by no means do I blame Installing Leopard or tigers for damaging the hard drive, because it was all the reinstalls that did it, and finaly the Guid setup because it was a nightmare getting the MBR back, and I knew it was that because it did the same thing on my desktop, just didn't damage the HD, still took gparted on the ubuntu live cd to get my drive back to normal. I got to do what I really wanted to do, see a great OS and how it ran before sinking the money into a Mac. I have plans of Ordering my 1st Mac Book Pro or Mac Pro in a few months, till then though I am putting Vista on my Hp laptop, SP1 seems to have fixed most of the stuff I had petpeves with, but Keep up the good work you guys, maybe with all the efforts some day Apple will Support Os X installs on any pc.
  12. Can anyone verify if the PCI Express slots are working on Leopard Hackintoshs? Only Expresscard I have is a HP TV Digital tuner card which dosn't work, but I don't know if thats the card not working or the slot at all. I really looking hard at ordering the service threw cingular, but I don't want to buy the card and then be forced to put windows back on here because I went with the card vs. the usb adapter. Really would prefer the card over usb. Any feed back would be wonderful or any command line to check if it can read the HP Tv Tuner Express card in the slot even though its not working. Christopher M. LeBlanc
  13. Ok, I've decided on the Bad Axe 2 Motherboard, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813121059 Is there any feature on this board that dosn't work that I should know about? Also, which Videocard is known to have no problems on the gaming end? Only game I'm looking to play on this machine is World of Warcraft, which I'm playing on my laptop now. Any Special Memory to go with as well? going price xeon processors then check back here. for notes.
  14. Hackintosh Extreme

    I'm doing research on my own, but would also like to hear others thoughts on known fully working hardware. I currently Have my HP Dv6226us laptop running Leopard with EFI working fine. Hell only drawbacks that aren't working for me is of course the SD Card reader, which would be nice if it was working sence I have a 2 gig card in it, Audio out, & the internal mic dosn't work. I do own a G4, mini mac, and have my eye on getting a Mac Book Pro soon as the next set comes out. My main reason for even building a hackintosh desktop is more or less for 2 things, 1 for playing World of Warcraft on, and 2 hobby reasons. I'm not big on playing games on my laptops, and I just can't see buying a Mac tower to more or less play world of warcraft on and dabble hear and there. Also, what can I say, just the coding and making something work that wasn't really ever intended to work or run on hardware its not design for really is just interesting to me. Ok, enough about my sobby little chatter, What I'm looking for, is a Motherboard with as close to all the hardware on it working.. I'm also not sure which Video cards are fully working. My hp uses GMA 950, though of course I would rather go nVidia over ATI if the nVidia card is fully working. If not ATI will do, please post a link of some sort to specific hardware if you comment. I've seen few comments on a badaxe & Badaxe 2 mobo, but as to posting this I havn't seen a real newegg link selling that motherboard. As I stated I'm doing my research after posting this.. Just interested on what others know of that is fully working and what not. thank you
  15. Leopard Perfect Install

    omg, sorry about the double post. Not quite sure why it did that, the page did kind of wig out on me after submitting. Installed Power Management Bundle and solved my battery & ac problem. Things working as they should. My only projects left to get working on this is the Internal Mic/Audio Out, and the HP SD Card reader.