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Excuse me if i disturb you but i have some problem in OSX 10.4.8 JAS installation.


What i really want to mean is that I installed the OS without any problem on my PC (P4 2ghz with 768 MB RAM - Ati radeon 9200 agp - MB abit IS7 (Via Chipset) - network adapter realtek 8139), but now I have 2 problems:


1) I wasn't able to find Ati radeon 9200 agp drivers for osx.


2) I've got 3 audio cards but i'm not able to let them play: exactly i tried to install pulsar2-scope, darla by echo, tascam usb us-122.


Looking on the web I knew that scope doesn't work with osx but after downloading osx drivers for darla 20-bit pci and tascam usb they don't work.


I'm not an expert user for osx, maybe I made some error in driver installation (I just double-clicked on .dmg files).....


Can someone help me please???





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look in wiki.osx86project.org

under HCL ( Hardware Compatibility List) for your system and hardware

if you dont find them there and the way to set them up,

you are on a sysiphos way,


does osx boot up ?

if, then look in console.app for error messages for this drivers, dont post all the other wellknown.

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