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Java Duke

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I'm wondering if it's possible to check the EFI version installed? I know I have EFI because I can boot from GUID partition but I'm not sure which version I'm running. Here's my story: I got more or less stable system finally, NVinject works fine but seems to have some problems with dual monitor and sleep. So I tried gfx strings in boot.plist but got blue screen. Someone recommended upgrading EFI to v8 but maybe I already have one? How can I check it?

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Check HERE





Hi Ninetto,


OK, here's what I get:


+-o Root  <class IORegistryEntry, retain 12>
 +-o /  <class IOPlatformExpertDevice, registered, matched, active, busy 0, re$
   +-o efi  <class IOService, !registered, !matched, active, busy 0, retain 7>
   | | {
   | |   "firmware-revision" = <01000010>
   | |   "bootloader-build" = <"ToH","bootlo">
   | |   "name" = <"efi">
   | |   "firmware-abi" = <"EFI32">
   | |   "firmware-vendor" = <4100700070006c0065000000>
   | | }
   | | 


Now how do I know what version is it?

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