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  1. What was the price tag on your rig in the end?... looks quite nice. I am really having a hard time to decide on a 1156 vs 1366 board.... But one potential big plus for the 1366: in the near future it looks like the the genius bios-modder, Carti will have a special Bios for this board, so not even any dsdt hacking will be needed, check out his blog at http://cartri.net/blog/269 good luck, ninetto
  2. Shared Printer

    Hmmmmm... tough one. What router are you using for the network, is the Printer attached to the router or one of the computers in the network?
  3. Shared Printer

    TRY this CUPS driver: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-print/ good luck, ninetto
  4. Ganz einfach: beim starten mit -x Flag booten. (Boot option under Darwin/Chameleon) Mit VESA wirst du schon etwas sehen können. Dann deine Einstellung wieder rückgängig machen. buonfortuna, ninetto
  5. Sad, at the downward slump the forums have been rotting under lately. Not a single user with a P55 board and Leo willing to share his/her experience?! Since this post is not "WILL THIS HARDWARE WORK" or "WHY WON'T MY COMPUTER BOOT"... I guess nobody is interested, or clever enough to respond... Adios, insanelymac, I remember the good 'ol days...
  6. Has anybody got a stable 10.5 install on the new P55 Boards and i5 processors? I know Tonymac has a guide for 10.5 on a gigabyte P55, but he was not using a retail install and it was only a temporary install for him as far as I can tell. Are there any 10.5 kernels that support i5? There are still lots of 3rd party software and devices that are "only" Leo-ready not SnowLeo... so I would be really happy to hear of anybody's problems/success with this one.... hiside, ninetto
  7. Raid 1 mit SL 10.6.2

    Tag! Die RC4 nach Raid-Anleitung - wo hast du die her? Ich nehme an, wir reden von Apple Soft-Raid? Welche Kexts hat du in EXTRA-Folder? FakeSMC dabei? RAID Identifier in der UUID Plist eingetragen, wie hier geschildert wurde: http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?boa...&thread=613 Sorry, dass mir auf Anhieb nichts weiteres einfällt, aber mich interessiert brennend, wie RAID Solutions mit SL sich entwickeln.... ciao, ninetto
  8. Avid Media Composer running on Hackintosh

    Yes, if you can't find the medicine you are looking for on the internet, send me a pm and the version of AMC you have, but I have only worked with AMC on 10.5 not 10.6 !
  9. Not sure what you mean by "very" small, but I used this case, "A plus CS-Blockbuster", for a Gigabyte 41M board and I really liked it, it is absolutely quiet and not even expensive: I believe the case might be branded with a different name in the USA. good luck!
  10. Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    Thanks, yr a champ!
  11. So are the USBSMC errors still showing up? What did you "rearrange" with the USB devices? And one last query: are you still using the Qoopz kernel? I thought this kernel was just for the experimental installs when the P55-boards first came out... or no? thanks, ninetto
  12. Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    Does this work in windows 7 or just Vista? Just want to know before I buy the apple alu keyboard for my new Hack... thanx & hiside, ninetto
  13. If you haven't figured out the USB-errors yet, I remember reading somewhere in Tony's Blog about the absolute necessity to update the bios to avoid USB errors (if I remember correctly the original problem-ridden bios was F3) I am also about to purchase the gigabyte 55m-UD2 board and go SLeo after much love and trust with my old p35 Leo system. Quick check: are owners of the UD2 as happy with stability as all reports I've read thus far? LAN and Sound working 100%? One other query: install chameleon on hidden-efi partition or SL partition, are there really any advantages of one over the other? The one time I did install with hidden-efi (10.5) I ran into some cumbersome problems for tweaking. Getting access to chameleon/extra on the hidden efi-partition was a drag... hiside, ninetto
  14. Your info is not very specific so it is hard for anyone to help you. Obviously if you are trying to install directly to a RAID disk you are going to have problems unless you first install onto a non-raid and then copy the install-image onto raid-paired disks. But intel-raid is a no-no! Either apple software raid disks or mac-compatible raid card and format. If this is your first Hackintosh, try to keep it simple. i.e. first-single install... second-dual boot... third-raid. good luck, ninetto
  15. A bit old, but HERE is one for a usb-bootable solution: hiside, ninetto