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Nforce 630a


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I have a big questions. I have a friend built his new PC a while ago and asked me now if it is possible to get Leo to work on it.

The first problem, that i found is that the chipset is quite new (Nforce 6). Here the specs of the PC:


GigaByte M68SM-S2 ( AMD AM2, Nforce 630a, (Sound) Realtek ALC888, (Lan) Realtek RTL8211BL)

Athlon 64 BE-2350 (Brisbane)

Asus EN7300GT Silent (Gforce 7300 GT)

HDD is on Sata but this can be changed.


Sound seems no prob as far as it seems, as i found the right kext in the forum.

What gives me a headache is the Sata controller, the Lan and the CPU.

My system worked out fine because i only bought components, known to work.

Do i have any chance of getting this to work with Leo (or Tiger)?

Does anyone have experiences with this chipset?

I thought about starting with Zeph's DVD and changing a few kext. Hope that works.

I'll report my progress and hope we find a solution.

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I´m working with asus m2nvm 630a + geforce 7050 inboard.

Ethernet is working with forcedeph (dont add your device id) + nForcEthernetDriver.kext(add your device id), some times kernel panic with browser, pando...

Like speedstep 9.2.0 kernel more stable

Adding cpus=1 kernel flag no more hangs with ethernet.

Sata works fine with genric kext in kalyway 10.5.2, zepyroth internals display as externals but works well.

Embebed geforce 7050 cant do any thing, also resolution in vesa.

I add ati x1650 ci/qe enabled

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