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Installing EFI from PPC?

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Is there a way to install EFI from my Powerbook onto a HD I plan to boot from in my Hackintosh? there are a lot of good guides and how-to's in this forum, but all I found need either a x86 Apple Mac or booting from Kaly and the like. I do not have an Intel Mac and the next friend of mine who has one lives roughly 400 miles away from me, and I do not have the bandwidth to download Kaly. I do have the retail Leopard DVD though.

Since I have ordered a P35-DS4 I am pretty confided to have a running Hackintosh soon (Pb G4 12" is a great machine, but I got a x264 .mkv recently it could only play very choppy) - and since I am set to order a XFX 7600 GT I DO want to have a GUID/EFI/vanilla machine in the end.


Sorry if this has been explained elsewhere in the forum, I searched and did not find anything (or too much - practically every other thread in this forum).

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The OSX in PPC format is a little different from the OSX in x86 format. The Leopard disk caters for both versions but the boot process and the kernel is different on both platforms. Quite a feat when you think about the vast differences in hardware and the amazing compatibility.


My G4 running Leopard can run most software than runs on my newer intel Macintosh but a 'disk' image cannot be made on the PPC side with the intention to make it run and boot on the x86 side - despite the fact that large portions of the OS are in fact universal binaries.


What you could try is do an installation on a Hack - there are quite a few guides out there that show you how to install Leopard from a retail disk using PC hardware. You do need to perform the install from a functioning hacked OS X (Tiger) that is already running on it. With the right hardware you can come to a Vanilla Situation where only little patching is needed (if you are lucky only Hardware & Vendor ID in some kexts) and which is relatively safe to update via software update.


After the hack is functioning use a fire wire cable, boot your PPC in 'disk mode' and use the migration assistant to move across applications, settings and program files from the PPC. So you won't have to do the install for all your programs and settings. Works like a charm.


Mind you - I acquired my real intel Mac after some experimenting with x86 on a P4P800 Asus motherboard and an Acer Travelmate Laptop - nothing beats the real thing when it comes to compatibility, dependability and ease of use. The hacks are a cool way to learn more about the inner workings of the OS X. Without the Hacks I wouldn't have learned as much about the inside of OS X as I have now.

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