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Trying to install vanilla kernel - limited BIOS options


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I'm trying the vanilla kernel using the ToH DVD and patching. The install goes great, but after patching with the vanilla kernel I get constant reboots. I understand why I get constant reboots...I need to change the following settings in the BIOS:


Execute Disable Function - ENABLE

ACPI 2 Support - Yes

and Speed step - Disable


My problem is that I have a Compal IFL90 and I don't see any of those option in my BIOS. Am I screwed? Or is there possibly a workaround? EFI works fine, but the vanilla kernel results in constant reboots. Any ideas?


On a sidenote, my webcam worked in Tiger, but not in Leopard. It's a 2.0 megapixel webcam...is there any way to get it working in Leopard? Thanks!!

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