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Which USB Wireless Adapter works with Leopard?


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Hi all,


have installed leopard which works perfectly on my Presario V3000 (exact model V3136TU).


Only thing not working is the inbuilt wireless. It's using a broadcom chipset, which is supported by leopard. However, the laptop has a physical slide on/off switch to enable or disable wireless.


When leopard boots, even when i slide the wireless switch to on, leopard os x doesn't detect the wireless (red off led light instead of blue on led light). When BIOS boots, wireless is similarly not detected (red led light). Only in Windows XP does the wireless get detected (blue led light).


As far as i know, this physical switch issue has yet to be solved, seeing as how Leopard doesn't transmit power to the wireless, hence the led red light instead of the led blue light.


Which USB wireless adapter would work for leopard? Something that I could purchase and use out of the box to complete my leopard experience? With all the brands around, i'm not sure if the internal chipset is compatible. Anyone could throw out some popular brands/models of usb wireless that works?



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So any answers to the OP's question? which USB adaptor?


Sure, I used the airlink here:



Driver for Air link > Air_link_installer_OSX10_4.zip Note: it say's 10.4 but also works with Leo 10.5!

Fry's has it many times for only $10


Works great with tiger and leopard


I just picked up a dell 1390 off ebay for $13 and put that in my vaio (to replace the intel 3945) Now I have airport:) :offtopic: it was just under the keyboard, very easy!

good luck

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i'm not sure if changing the wireless module will help. the v3000 presario compaq i'm using has a broadcom wireless module which is supposedly compatible.the reason why it doesn't work is because there is a physical on/off switch that you can slide on or off to enable the wireless chip. in windows xp, when booting, the wireless switch turns blue, which means it's on.when booting leopard, the wireless switch remains red, which means its off. sliding the physical switch on the 'on' position still leaves the switch OFF. there is no power transmitting to the chip.not sure if anyone here has any advise on that. or would a wireless card swap do the trick?and just a reply to the airlink url given, thanks for the heads up. fry's has it for $25 currently though, i'll see if the price drops.i'm residing in singapore, not in the states.

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so after searching and going through the wiki that there isnt an organized list of the working usb wifi. But i see that on CC website they list alot of USB wifis as mac and pc ready. http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Networking/...categorylist.do


Does that mean they will work on this hacked mac? Ithink so but not sure i may go buy one tomorrow.


also found this little link with some compat usb.... ony guys said those cheap ass trendnets work


http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/wi.../topic4046.html may have to grab one


last link before bed time

http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?f...&category0= lots of cheap ones here they should work since they come with proper drivers right?

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