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WinXP + OS-X Leopard + Linux Mint


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Hardware Configuration


a) Intel D945GCPE

B) Processor - Intel P4 3.0 Ghz

c) Memory - 1GB

d) Hard disk - SATA 400gb

e) DVD Drive - LG




1) Installed Windows XP Service pack 4 (Sunny Side up ... with NTFS Partition :rolleyes: ) in the first 40 GB Primary Partition


- Created two more primary partitions 40 GB Each

- Created one large extended partition in the free space

- create one large logical drive in free space - 15 GB (around 270 GB Plus)


2) Installed Linux Mint in the free space ... (Installed Grub in the same partition as the Linux installation)


3) Can boot between Windows and Linux using Acronis OS Selector.


4) Used Kalyway OS-X Installation to install OS-X


- Selected MBR and installed Leopard in the second partition


Leopard is fine and purring, Internet, Video, everything is just peachy - :D .... i am having serious problems "activating / gaining access" to the windows,linux partition.


I have some experience with Linux :) ... (solving boot issues and stuff), had to live with Windows for the past decade ;) so i can solve most of the problems myself ... but with a week's experience in Mac :wacko: - I am at a loss for how to Triple Boot the system.


There is almost no documentation about Darwin Bootloader, could one of the wise-men :angel: from here point me in the right direction?



Peace out ... peeps !!!!


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Figured out that OS-X already recognizes the other partitions with labels :(


So I already have a WinXP + OS-X Leopard + Linux Mint setup ....


Thanks to Kalyway Installation for OS-X, worked perfectly on the setup i have ....

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