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  1. This Guide worked like a Charm I am using the Gigabyte - GA41M-ES2L Motherboards, with Gigabyte 9600GT. Sound, Video and Lan (using Wireless USB Dongle - Belkin N Wireless) All worked fine. Had to fiddle the Video settings a little - ok had to fiddle a lot (took me about 4 installations to get it to working perfectly) Funny part was at the end of the last reboot, i told myself, if this doesn't work, I am going back to Ubuntu - and not wasting time any more on this - and it worked like a charm Beautiful OS - :-) Picking up my copy of SL from the Apple store over the weekend... Cheers Happy Hackintoshing.
  2. Microsoft Ads Take Aim At Mac Prices

    Surely you two are not going to give up now ... Come on this is good entertainment value ... Slug it out boys Way to go Underball ... you totally owned the dude..........
  3. Acer Veriton M464

    Verdant, I went through your posting - nearly 3 weeks and 11 DVDs later , i am still no where near a solution. Still getting the "Still waiting for the root device" error ... Any fresh suggestions. Like i mentioned before mine is an Acer m464 with a nforce 630i chipset, Quad Core Q6600 Processor ... I am not looking for anyone to walk me through - just want to know if anyone has had success with the motherboard ... Alternatively, will it be possible to install this on USB Hdd .. and then transfer the same to an installed HDD - you know image based transfer ... using DD(Linux) or some other similar tool... Pointers are most welcome.
  4. Acer Veriton M464

    I have successfully installed OSX on a couple of machines previously - an custom built rig for my dad and on my Laptop a Compaq A901TU with some difficultly - but successfully. Recently i purchased an ACER Veriton M464 - and am coming up against this "Still Waiting for Root Device Error" while i start installation - Wondering if anyone else faced the same problem before - while there are a number of suggestions about solving this problem, none of them have worked for me - and i have dl'ed about 4-5 builds - Kalyway (my fy av), iATkos, iDeneb, Leo4all and iPC ... nothing seems to be working ... I have a SATA HDD on the primary SATA channel - i have disabled IDE. And a DVD Drive as SATA secondary ... which i am using to have the installation Disk - there is also a BluRAY disk .. but is the 2nd Secondary ... Any suggestions ... there were some hints about patching the installation DVD ... couldn't find anything meaningful.
  5. Will Mac OS X Tiger Run On My Computer?

    I would recommend you start with Kalyway ... worked like a charm for me everytime on my Laptop/Dad's desktop... Picked up a quad-core Acer yesterday ... and Kalyway seems to have a problem, though i suspect it is the bios of the new system...
  6. I remember OS/2 Warp ... what is your point man? That never took off because MS stopped providing tools for app-development on it. And IBM never really thought of Software specifically operating systems as a principal source of revenue. Ask me not why that is the case.
  7. Security Update 2009-001

    Works fine on my laptop as well.
  8. Have experience with working on Linux Drivers ... would be happy to review / code parts of your driver if you are interested. I have i3945abg card on my lappy - let me know how i can help
  9. OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    That makes three of us ... looking for a netbook that will 1) have wireless support 2) possibly media support - sound (use it for playing small video clips (50~75 min) on the ride to work and back) 3) and above all a good experience with OS X around 400 GBP - what with the economy going down and all - not ready to shell out the big bucks and buy a MAC Book, lest some wise-guy/gal suggest that as an option
  10. Buy a MAC OSX 10.5 Installer from a Mac Retail Shop. Then go around to your favorite online shopping-bay or DEMO-nshop, and search for torrents of information on Kalyway. Use the latest one and you are good to go. I personally prefer Kalyway, worked great on my Dad's desktop. My laptop run iATkos though.
  11. R.I.P Prawker

    Peace Bro - and God Speed
  12. I am based in Glasgow - are you close enough for me to pickup the computer?
  13. iATkos issue

    Unable to understand this wierd problem. The system worked fine with Kalyway, but i am travelling, and messed up the installation. So i downloaded the lighter installation iATkos, most of the other problems are solved, but i am not able to see my Windows partitions and USB Hard Disks directly. They are visible when i use finder to open the "enclosing folder" anyone else faced this problem?
  14. You the man Charlie Brown ... you the man